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Today is the second Southern Weekend shop day of 2014 here to get nfl jerseys, this year is the first anniversary of the founding of the newspaper. When the new year, we all wish for you here, you are here to explain. Poubai is to communicate, communication is to understand, understand to consensus, consensus is to walk.

We want to be with you, but more respect for your choice. And all we can do is try to tell you who I am”. We believe that, in this noisy and blurred face of the times, it should also be a joint effort of each person, each identity, each industry. This is the original intention of this special issue we plan.

We are the southern weekend, we have.

Understanding is based on reality, but reality does not always appear automatically. This is a great era of national revival, but also the development of complex transition period; this is the information Pentium carnival time information is also blurred, flooding time; this is the heroes of busy time, take time is deceptive. The society is in progress, social changes, living in the moment, life elsewhere, ideal in the highlight, ideal in deconstruction, interest nfl jerseys online expression, interest in differentiation, everything is under control, all point to the authentic nfl jerseys unknown people, people want to fly to Juanniao homing.

Reality is always so difficult to identify, the truth is so precious. As a real life news paper, we sometimes powerful, sometimes weak, but no choice, in addition to hard, professional, have to take the initiative to approach, questioning, expressing the truth. This is the starting point for us to start with you, but also the southern weekend for thirty years without regret.

But we are more than just cold records, we have love in our hearts, tears in our eyes. Our report has always been a position, a principle, there is temperature, because we are full of affection for the country and the people, the history of awe.

We sometimes grand narrative, and trenchant comments, but the sight is never far from the fate of the individual and those in the era of big ups and downs. We have never intended to do the prophets, mentors, judges, police…… Do not intend to do any other role, in addition to a transfer of human feelings, tells the true story of newspapers, in addition to a rational and social watch supervisor. We have been trying to keep up with the pulse of the times, but always remember “justice, love, conscience and reason” — which lightens our words, illuminate our face, illuminate our path, also illuminate countless stories nfl jerseys for sale — which made our story, our story is the story of China.

In fact, we are very lucky, born in the late 80s that burning passion, witnessed a great leap of contemporary Chinese, also make the spirit of reform and opening up from the beginning into our blood bones.

Today, time begins again, nations and nations are starting. Thirty years before the reform plan is to start slowly, rivers and lakes, temples are eager for a fight Saibei Jiangnan a sense of deja vu, resonance surging in our hearts, we feel again stood in line to witness history starting point.

We are also looking china nba jerseys forward to give himself a witness, witness a group of journalists could continue the glory and dream in the digital world. We see the new media has become the encirclement, there is only like to hear besieged on all sides, the final blow. But we have always believed that the original serious nfl largest discount jerseys news will not die, it will only innovative positions. Thirty this is a mature, introverted age, we are ready to go to the new position of kaijiangtuotu. We want to make the ideal news where high banner still float, let people participate in the process of news era there is still full of sense of honor. But we know that this is a difficult moment requires courage, wisdom and determination, in the past thirty years, we have had ups and downs, there have been setbacks, but has never been so to ashes. Now, the reform and transformation for us not only means the ideal and the witness, but also the survival and development.

We are the southern weekend, we have.

We want to be with you, but more respect for your choice. In this beautiful new year, let us stand together and stand up straight.

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