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The last meeting with Oriental Morning cheap old Z was in the nfl jerseys china for sale message summer of 2009, on the edge of the Yangtze River in Chongqing. Old Z and his wife retired in the river to open a teahouse, a month can earn thousands of dollars.

The old Z taught more than and 30 years ago in our junior middle school course, I can not remember what he taught, remember when he was writing on the blackboard, we are in the following a whisper, then turned the old Z, the chalk head accurately hit the person to take the lead. The other is the old Z love Tuotang, we are starving to death, he is still in reading Guo Xiaochuan’s “sugar cane – qingshazhang”, emotional, slobber flying, said to be the revolutionary heroism and romanticism.

In the summer of 2009, Z invited me to have a cup of tea, and said that his old house was demolished, but the compensation can be. “It is not the time, three meals a bed.” But the old Z looked at the river, the face of a loss, he said, like the memory of the river flowing away, and never return to the head.

When I returned to the river in the summer of 2013, only to encounter old Z’s wife. She said the old Z died in 2012, three dead predecessor places found cancer, late, old Z pain was too much, and love his money, went nfl jerseys to the supply replica nfl jerseys house in front of the river, ten meters high jump, drowned.

The old Z drowned, this is Arabian Nights for me, because 30 years ago, the old Z told us that he and President Mao as crossing the Yangtze River, but also a travel back and forth. “Across the Changjiang River? Neurotic.” Old Z’s wife said, “he can’t swim.”

Although I was very sad at that time, but the thought of the old Z this guy cheated us a lot, I also only a face of vacant.

When ready to go, found a lot of old newspapers behind the counter, four of which are particularly conspicuous: Oriental Morning post. The wife said, the old Z2010 years to Shanghai, this is the farthest place he has gone, followed by a group of red sunset tour originally wanted to see World Expo, the results are still a long time to start. He also embarrassed to trouble us, only to buy a copy of the Oriental Morning post. He went back and said, “Shanghai, Lao Tze is so beautiful.”!

It was the Oriental Morning Post in January 21, 2010. The Oriental Morning Post asked the builders of the one thousand Expo site to have a jerseys at best nfl discount dinner at the International Convention Center, the. Next to this news, the old Z wrote a few comments in red ink pen:

“High, with poor little baby, Qiu son, not my heart.”

The day is almost nba jerseys news 40 degrees, when walking in the street, his face is sweat, napkin for a long time, I found tears, the scorching sun, saw the school 30 years ago, the grandmother has been dead for years, and that we never crossed the river of dreams.

Well, old Z’s story is over. I’m sorry, even the last burden, I was shaking bland. But I have always told our editors and reporters, perhaps every news is so bland, when you need a hero, he is humble, when you need to be innocent, he is clever, when you need to praise, he is full of interest. But the paradox of the time, if there is no fog of insight, no compassion are vacant, no pain in the excitement, our people, journalists, who will be very humble and cheap authentic nfl jerseys lowly unworthy of life that old Z, and leap old Z.

His memories of my youth, in the river waters, surging to. The new year’s bell sounded in the morning, in the dream to promise City, or hear the echo of the sea, I breathe so eagerly with it clear: forget early heart, firmly forward.

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