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If a person in a deliberately Your predicament free shipping learning nfl jerseys from china difficulties or change, or after puberty, general personality has been formed, preferences, talent, trauma, hate what as bone generally has to take less, the basic character and the deep desire of the short term is difficult to change. Of course, to see from the outside is often not the case, for example, we often see a previously silent adult became a handsome young man slobber than tea much TB, but its roots are the same inferiority and fear of loneliness; or is a nice girl with a special pride after marriage not manage Poguanposhuai, are powered as in the past to beauty as a weapon and chips. People and water, at different stages of different terrain, will show a different performance, sometimes a lake, sometimes a river, sometimes a spring or sea. But as long as you have a heart of a monster, no matter what the situation, you have the ability to make a. The plight of today, and the plight of yesterday is often no essential difference, and it is likely that you will encounter difficulties tomorrow. A person encountered most and not outside what relationship, but by his own heart, the same thing, as if in you here, in others there is not a thing. The difficulty is determined by character.

It’s because I’ve been with some people recently to remember our adolescence. Because I had a bad adolescence, unhappy memories seem to be more, so I do not think there is nothing to miss, I rarely deliberately cheap nfl jerseys think about it. But the fact is, if you are not from the previous difficulties found in what you have never walked out from the past, the future will be entered and then the situation because you do not try to understand what is the dilemma, natural and not distinguish it from the credit, or it is to overcome it. It is a strange habit depends on the dependence to the jerseys nfl direct supply terrible animal – habits, met things, always safer, more attractive, this attraction is irrational, unconscious, and this habit itself is comfortable or not has Never mind. This is why for my bad dad hated the girl and her father or back to the bad man, because that is her habit of state. Far apart, it means that both the outside world and your internal drive lead to a result that is often similar. It is necessary to understand what is going on in the past, and the plight of adolescence is a good case.

When you start talking about this topic, the topic is “what advice would you give to adolescence?” In fact, I had not quite love this tune, because if you really have a chance and adolescence her face to face, that she doesn’t listen to what I say, is not the love. Because I was the only level in today’s demanding level before himself, his regret is not good enough to do is of no significance, this is kezhouqiujian. Back then, you’ll do the same thing. There is no need to go back to the past with my own past. In order to dilute the tone of resentment, we turn into the “if there is a child and adolescent, facing you as like as two peas dilemma, will you give her what advice do (of course, she won’t listen)?” That would be much better.

What’s the trouble with my adolescence? Today, I want to come to a conclusion that I can not deal with the situation in the bad. My junior high school grade is very good, at the beginning of high school also, then more difficult, often doze off in jerseys different nfl color class (of course, later know hyperthyroidism, said before it), it makes me very very panic. Because it is a force with a nice guy, my popularity has been bad, but in high school I had a whole class girl three years of isolation, became unpopular, no friends, and even funny, humiliation, it makes me nfl jerseys online even more panic. Things seem suddenly rotten, but more decay seems to be no other way out: one is bad fruit, a piece of bread is Guaiwei, you can’t make them more fresh — is this kind of feeling.

Not only panic situation, looking forward to the future is a delusion: since childhood serious lack of frustration education, so kids often imagine the plight of the solution is: a usually 85 points, after a period of time low 50 points, finally soared to 100 points. So it’s blood and youth comics. It sounds like a good idea, but it actually makes you more afraid because it simply doesn’t work. You do not want to cause panic in the face of it, don’t jerseys nfl china factory want to clean up the mess, but to find a lot of reasons: teacher and demanding on your fierce and biased, and the parents are nervous and so on, these factors are classified as not conducive to their own performance. Today, of course, these are related, but more like complications, rather than cause. The solution is not thought, but it is to like, the theme is “new start,” because the start seems to win bigger, more comfortable look better than the already bad situation. In fact, there is still a failure to restart the rate, but it can at least be able to postpone the failure of a period of time, it is very desirable.

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