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Mentioned in the Life is buy cheap china last diary, look nfl jerseys lead are nothing at the most junior high school / high school / college students where you are today. What is the most powerful today’s students. Cause we have a lot of discussion, but most of the beans are young friends, working hours is not long, it may not be able to see a lot of change.

When I was a child I had a childhood sweetheart male classmates, my parents have been very childhood sweetheart, I intend to take him home. When he was a child, he was very handsome, and his grades were not so good. In short, it was the perfect child that all parents expected. When I was young, he was jealous of hate and envy, feeling very complicated.

When the third grade primary nfl jerseys from china school, he transferred out of the factory we went to school, then the city’s best schools. And then I heard that he was the first test, the first game.

Later lost contact, I went back to Shanghai to study. However, when the college entrance examination, he is fifth of the province’s achievements into the medical school. Sophomore time to go back once, in the summer to play together, listen to him to say that the dream of a variety of doctors, very yearning. At that time, he was still very handsome, and had a beautiful music college violin playing girlfriend. He is very hard, I remember nike nfl jerseys top quality when he was in the school routine is to get up at 5 every day, running for 10 thousand meters, and then go to the library to read, go to bed before in the evening.

Then is our familiar circle rumors that he is mad, neurological or psychiatric do not know, in school to recuperate. I cried when I heard. At that time, wrote a diary that is finished, so talented people destroyed.

When I saw him again at work, when he was black and fat, completely lost the previous profile. It is said to be the result of drug hormones. He has not been able to do a doctor, but by learning the basis of medicine, in the pharmaceutical sales, he asked me to see what the road.

Then nfl jerseys for sale let me sad, he is not changing the appearance, but his kind of philistine gas. I wrote a diary, the effect is good luck, a talented doctor becomes a vulgar salesman.

Later, I heard that he sold a good medicine, save all the money. And then do a website of diabetes, but also married and have a very happy children. At that time I was really happy.

His story, let me understand that life is really a long run, ups and downs inevitable.

There are some objects I envy hate in school before, for example million people chasing the stream as a Chinese campus Belle, particularly good, people can fill in ancient poetry. Of course there are those who see other exams every day every time the first geeks. There are those who study the Rubik’s cube also compiled formulas to teach us to 6 person. Is that even professional class teacher to be in admiration of the artist.

Anyway, now, most of the time I envy people who have obliterate all men.

Time is a weapon, it often cut off your advantage, so that you stand with the nba jerseys news public again on the same line.

Where a person’s time is visible.

Above is written before work, write a little tail.

It was suggested, I say “obliterate all men” is a standard measure of all people. I want to say is, I said, the crowd of people, they had quite good. At least in the economy is pretty good, work smoothly, the family has a happy and unhappy. Some people even joined the early start-up companies, to get the option to retire early, every day shouting everyone playing mahjong (but we do not have time to accompany him). But back then, I don’t know what his ideal is. The guy playing Rubik’s cube, the ideal is the Chinese Academy of Sciences, now as IT migrant workers jerseys nfl online, the man in ancient poetry, is now doing accounting, she said not to read the books, but is young and frivolous poems fill. Every day I look at the first examination, as if into the state-owned system, heard that he was going to rise or a few years ago, the company infighting.

Our classmates or friends gathering, we have rarely talked about the ideal of the year. Even now the small ideals are rarely talked about (because I sometimes I want to have a say in the best of spirits of national two counselors what). Everyone seems to be tied up by the house and the family. Of course I can understand a lot of people say that their happiness I do not know. In fact, most of them may not be able to use the “happy” four words, but peace is satisfied. But the key is also in this contentment above.

With the concept of “psychology” of the time, is now the dimensions of the concept of time is too strong (like yesterday I have a girlfriend, she said every day playing with flowers and with the children very happy, she did not think the unemployed problem), now the concept of time is too strong in the future for the price.

The so-called person who has. We only take into account the mortgage is now raising children, in fact, will meet in the future if the house bubble, if the child can not let you satisfied with the concerns. In addition, the pursuit of material things too much, spiritual emptiness of the future is predictable.

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