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Two people in the Optimism is free shipping journey no cheap nfl jerseys the clouds human habitation desert, they felt very tired, but in a mountain when they accidentally carry two pots of water lost a pot. In a short break, they began to talk: a man said: after all, we only have a pot of water, how can we go out of the desert?

The other said, “that’s great. We have a pot of water, enough for us to reach our destination.”.

In the same pot of water, one sees disappointment, even despair, and the other sees hope.

The pessimist often takes the setback and the defeat as the bad luck; but the optimist often takes the misfortune and the difficult situation as takes off to rise the step, finally becomes the life the wealth. Just jerseys nfl Free Shipping as the sun goes through the clouds, the pessimist sees the dark clouds, it is the tears of the sky; the optimist sees the dark clouds of Phnom Penh, which is the bright smile of the sun.

We can’t see the sun because we keep our heads down, so we can only see our shadow. The philosopher said: “the cloud is not hide the sun, is covered!” And I want to say that optimism is the sun behind the clouds nfl jerseys news. In the optimistic heart, clouds is temporary, just like a grain of sand is buried gold, as long as the eye of wind swept the gold will shine. The fire is True gold does not fear fire, to its edges and shape, rather than the gold light of faith. The clouds cover the shadow of the sun, but the pace of the sun.

Optimists can navigate all rivers run into sea, small boats, and aircraft carrier sailing! Can accommodate and microwave ripples jerseys nfl different size rippling tempestuous waves,; the pessimist cannot, even in the life of the vast Lin Haizhong, but also to see the forest for the trees, not only hill in Taishan.

An optimist often comforts himself by the misfortunes of life! The pessimist always in dilemma: how not to heave great sighs all of this in the past?

“After all,” and “how not” although only four words, but there is a world of difference in mentality and realm. Optimists and pessimists in spite of all “in the world”, but the optimist “be in the sky”, pessimists let their “complete darkness”. Unfortunately, pain and suffering is the optimistic life touchstone is a pessimist’s life a stumbling block. The annals of celebrities from ancient to modern times, no one is not optimistic in the mind under the extraordinary achievements of albert. Sima Qian did not torture optimistic attitude and spirit could not write a great work “historical records”, Goujian only three thousand soldiers trapped in the dilemma of hardships to regain the lost rivers, today almost every day we can see that people from the media, they are optimistic, open-minded and calm, the achievements of the extraordinary performance, they the body reflects a belief in life, with a positive life light.

When we have a pot of water left in our hands, we may as well give ourselves encouragement and strength: drink this pot of water, we will be able to reach the ideal oasis, a step forward and embrace the dream, and the success of shaking hands!

Optimism is the sun behind the clouds, the clouds are wiped away by action, and the sun is smiling at us!

We have always been “weak point to education of girls, don’t try to be brave, not everything, to learn to play, let the boy to do it for you”. In fact, every girl is born without label consciousness, those so-called you should, should not be like that, are the environment imposed on you. Once I also think that computer technology should not be my pipe, a girl understand what this? Naturally, there are boys lined up to help you do. Until one day, I will work force holding instructions, find CD-ROM china nfl jerseys and hard disk, CPU judge how much, how to use the recorder jerseys different nfl color. When I throw away the inner obstacle to a broken computer apart and installed, and then in detail to tell female colleagues every parts have what use, each line should be even in what place, each circuit board is what principle of time, she will feel that this girl is awesome.

In the social expectation, we slowly become knowledgeable, change to the grey-haired as an understanding wife and loving mother. In fact, those boys expect things, such as the design of a house, build a plane and become expert and proficient in physics and chemistry, those ideas have existed in our hearts. But we are accustomed to take sex as an excuse to give up the power of progress, so we watched the boy’s achievements of a period of legend, and wrote a myth.

There is a joke on the Internet: what is the standard of women in the new century? Got on the hall, got under the kitchen, write the code, check that abnormal, killing the Trojans, had turned the wall, open a good car, affordable housing…… Perhaps this is not a joke, but as a girl should strive to achieve the dream.

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