Man can not nfl jerseys replica from china be doomed

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When I was 15 years Man can not nfl jerseys old, I was a replica from china be doomed part-time boy. Once in the restaurant work, too hungry, guests pay leave, my people do not pay attention while eating one of the guests left Baozi Stuffed with BBQ Pork, who knows the manager saw, he said I ate the food restaurant, I admit that death, his manager gave me a good ear. At that time a burst of dizziness, tears streaming down, and I was fired.

I was crying as I walked back to my place. In fact, it is just a two layer bed formwork of upper Hongkong, known as the “cage”. I went jerseys supply nfl center to bed with live next to me crying, he comforted me nfl jerseys for sale kindly, I asked the old man: “why is my life so hard? 12 year old parents do not want to divorce me, go to school to be bullied, working people have been wronged, I am doomed to a lifetime so unlucky……”

The old man looked at me for a moment, suddenly laughed: “hey! Hello, talk nonsense! Who told you that you were meant to be? If that’s what’s going to be a surprise, it doesn’t make any sense to be a millionaire. You little fool!” Then he went to work. He is a night when the security guards, usually I always take his words chatter without stop, but this one take like a passing wind, he “could not be doomed” but I woke up in a.

I love music, no matter how difficult, I will stick to it, because I will never regret. Adhere to the beginning of my perseverance, confidence, 10 years later, “a game a dream” published.

“A game, a dream” is my first record, it also witnessed the turning point of my life. Remember the first day record launched, a senior company at me: “Wang Chieh, your singing is too strange, do you think the new album you can sell how much?” His eyes were not very friendly, but I was very honest and said, “you should sell 300 thousand.” I did not expect, less than half a day, my answer was as a joke spread through the company, and even some people see me began to call me “300 thousand” – in their eyes, I want to become crazy overnight. Look at their ridicule, and even the producers do not help me say a word. I can only tell myself modidated old man once said: people are unlikely to be doomed, can change the fate, by this time. Record the launch of the seventh night, I work after a taxi home. The window goes by all style nfl jerseys a beautiful night, flashing neon lights shining on the street comers, I did not enjoy it, think of the future, think of their own boast 300 thousand of Haikou, my heart bursts of tingling.

Vaguely, a sweet voice came from the taxi radio: the next broadcast was the popular song of the week. A prelude to the music sounded, the familiar melody of my heart began to jump. The host went on to say: “this week’s pop charts, the song of Wang Chieh,” a nba jerseys news game, a dream “.” That moment, I burst into tears.

On the second day, I pushed open the door of the record company, and everyone’s face was smiling at me. After that, I heard a lot of congratulations, I kept saying thank you, I do not know, this is not a game, a dream. Change the fate of the time has passed, and I completely believe that people can not be doomed!

Until now, “a game of dream” has probably sold over 18 million copies, you may not believe, in fact, I have never felt I had red, and later emotional mutations, even began to house all over all over again in the lawsuit, I do not think there is much discouraged.

In the world of turmoil, I told the old man’s words have more deeply understand the people’s life is unlikely to be doomed, people came to this world, is to experience the passion and surprise, and at the same time, fell low also is inevitable. Have the same experience he is truly happy who, like the old man, he is just a night, but who can think of him the joy and abundance? So, do everything possible to change themselves, enrich themselves, enjoy the life of all kinds of surprises, this is what we came to this world!

Have one year jerseys nfl top quality after graduation, from scattered energy to power the first reunion, I see more clearly that college dreams and Hula fly back. That moment, I began to understand that there are many distractions have seen stupid, I almost had to give up their years of no great importance about the goal, give up with others completely Never mind, a beautiful new world only exists in my heart a person.

Look at my college classmate, at that moment a year ago out of the north gate, we are a group of how proud and arrogant and dynamic, has a broad vision and mind girl. In college, we often go to the United Kingdom to exchange, to the United States research, at that time, we feel that the whole world in his mind. But now, why we become preoccupied with work? Regardless of a report is not upset, regardless of a box should not be moved by their male colleagues, regardless of the computer virus is not by her boyfriend to reload, regardless of illness is not someone must accompany the hospital, regardless of whether a new pair of shoes to wear on the first day of a scratch…… In our hearts

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