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A professor once Power of supply replica did an experiment wholesale nfl jerseys habit: he put a flea in a container, the height of the container just to reach the position of fleas. In order to prevent the flea from jumping out of the container, the professor put a piece of glass. The first day, the flea is very active, it once again hit a glass, do not give up the potential. However, its strength is too thin, no matter how hard, always can not break through the glass barrier. Nevertheless, the flea still did not give up, every once in a while, it will launch a fierce attack.

A few days later, Professor again observed, found the fleas jump frequency was significantly reduced, it is not the previous momentum and spirit, become lazy and despair. A few days later, the professor went on to observe, and found that the fleas had almost lost their fighting spirit…… So, after a few months, the professor was surprised to find the flea no longer make any effort to stay in it all day long, muddle along the bottom of the container. Then the professor took out the glass from the top of the container, and he thought the flea would pop out. But unexpectedly, the flea did not act like this, it has been completely accustomed to life now.

Then, the professor put another flea into a container, the container is slightly higher than the limit of jerseys nfl Free Shipping the flea jump, no cover on top. After a period of observation, the professor found that every flea will habitually jump, although each time it is not beyond the height of container, but it still never put it as a compulsory course, every day. Six months later, a miracle happened, and the flea fled the container and regained his freedom. Seeing this, the professor could not help but sigh: “the power of habit is how terrible ah!”

A person born from adult, who always have this or that kind of habit, the habit is good, for example,nfl jerseys news  diligent, punctual, earnest, brave and modest; some are bad habits, such as laziness, procrastination, complaining, arrogance, smoking etc.. But no matter what kind of habit, have a powerful force, enough to change a person’s life. It’s just a good habit to make a man, and a bad habit.

Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun belong to the name of the Three Kingdoms period, and the fate of the two people are large court trail, on its causes, habits caused by. We all know that Zhang Fei is a very bad habit, not only love drinking, and love temper, motionless under the curse, whip, results in a drunken, Zhang Fei was his two ball fan Jiang and Zhang Da killed, the ambition to reward the first dead body. Zhao Yun is different, his body almost without what bad habits, low-key courteous,jerseys direct nfl supply friendly and kind, what good is always first think of others, he is recognized by the superior and subordinate, the glorious history achieve success and win recognition.

It is said that a person’s behavior in the day, about 5% belong to the non habitual, about 95% of the customary. The same action, if repeated three weeks, it will become a habitual action, if repeated for three months, it will form a stable habit. As for bad habits, we are often unaware, or become accustomed to it, it is difficult to realize its harmfulness.

William James, a famous scientist, said: “sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.” If you want to start a career, then be sure to get rid of your bad habits, and strive to develop good habits.

In some of the 211, 985 colleges and universities, why is the atmosphere of university study atmosphere is still strong? Because the biggest behavior here is the entrance examination and abroad, or join the elite elite society. Once you get into a school like this, you can easily be assimilated into the atmosphere and become a person like that.

In high school students even if you do not make progress, I was not too worried about you won’t stick, because the teacher, parents, class committee, school form a network, as you design good everyday behavior mode. China’s high school as a learning camp mode is more appropriate, its success rate is to sacrifice the individual character, the free will of the people at the expense of.

But this model allows you to quickly break through in a short period of time, stand out from the crowd, so there is still a reason for its existence. To nfl jerseys the University, either the teacher or counselor, or jerseys nfl factory supply class and school, your management is very extensive, no one day supervision of your study, even in class!

In this environment, many people will find no external constraints, it is difficult to establish their own ability to control behavior.

Not only the University, even in the workplace, I am opposed to the office at home this model. Really do companies know that new employees to work at home instead of to the office of management, not only will not work efficiency, it can also destroy a person’s occupation career, because he will develop bad work habits.

Most people will leave the environment without any success. To enjoy the freedom of life is the premise of your own choice for some kind of control of life.

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