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Many college students The most practical nfl jerseys write to tell with cheap price we stick me the same affliction: no matter what the situation is easy to give up halfway, cannot persist in.

Particularly depressed is a classmate said: I found myself to do a thing can persist until the end, and now the university can not hold on, what is a good way to solve it?

To stick to one thing, it takes willpower, that is, the ability to control one’s behavior. And most people, including me, are born with weak willed moments, it is difficult to always do self-control.

Why the university students feel that they can adhere to the original and can not adhere to, I think he cheap nfl jerseys should have referred to the high school before it. I gave him the answer is to think about why you nba jerseys news easily adhere to the original?

I guess my answer is of no help to him, because few people can learn from past experience. Unless he knows to look very simple things down into a piece of independent details and careful thinking. The following text will talk about my analysis, I hope that in addition to the analysis of persistence, but also let you see a pattern of thinking.

1, we do not have a fixed sense of time rhythm

We are more likely to insist on doing one thing in high school. An important reason is that we have a good life, we get up on time every day, on time to attend classes, study on time, go to bed on time.

In a regular life, it is easy for people to have relatively fixed control time to accomplish their goals. At the university level, the curriculum is not the same life every day, there are more and more many possibilities, which means your life become nfl jerseys for sale rich at the same time, you get free and you start to lose your sense of rhythm in the past form. You start to become more and more likely to be pushed into action by different things, rather than insist on doing something at a fixed time.

This fragmentation of things to promote the phenomenon, not only in the University, has been to the workplace, will be more and more serious. My first advice is: to develop the habit of persistence, you’d better let yourself have some fixed time to do the habit of fixing things.

Why do I always suggest that we do something small? For example, to keep a diary every day, at a fixed time practicing, exercise, all the things you love is good, do not need too much time, even 15 minutes, religious prayers are good. These small things will slowly form your new time anchor, with the time of anchor, you can in a different environment and slowly develop new rhythm in your life. A person with a sense of time, can gradually control their time, began to make progress for their goals.

There are a lot of friends asked me every day to answer the question of college students tired? My answer is not tired. If there is no accident interrupt me every day is about 12 points to 10 points in the evening to return to work, although I want to reply to a lot of problems, but these problems are focus on quick reply, I don’t nfl jerseys free shipping need to respond at any time, and I work in response to a fixed time, so my work keeps me to bear the rhythm, my work pressure is still controlled.

If I develop a habit of looking at the background information at any time, at any time to see the response to the message, it will let me into the fragmentation of the response mode, well, this is not a lot of people brush micro-blog’s state? This pattern will not allow your interest and energy to focus effectively on a subject, which will cause you to focus on everything, rather than just stick to it.

We have to understand that people who can not control their own time is more likely to feel tired, rather than the control of their own time, we are just more output. It’s tiring to do these things in your working condition and method, but in my opinion, I’m just playing games.

2, we did not find a good like-minded people to encourage each other

To observe the high school nfl jerseys from china and college, a big reason is that high school students are often similar behavior patterns, and university students in their respective different, you may want to study of time, a good gay friend you invite a dish of “Lu (LOL)”, this time between your response something important or friend?

This is a very troublesome problem. The more people you associate with, the more likely you are to become.

In high school, because there are a variety of system and external constraints, everyone is a kind of collective behavior patterns, often as a specific target of long-term incentive chasing each other, go all out, many people feel in the process of high school have a sense of fulfillment, and the environment are inseparable.

I went to work and I played a lot of young people to the relationship between the more and more light, but some friends and not in a good relationship. I have found a characteristic that those of us who play well tend to be the same pace of life.

For example, my confidante, “Xiao Qiushui”, we become a mutual incentive relationship. My progress is the reason for her efforts, she is inspired by my work, we become each other’s motivation, the best peer education.

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