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In the small town For the love free shipping of Martti, in the for nfl jerseys of a forest south of France, there was a boy named Hickley. When he was 16 years old, and he had the unfortunate father suffering from a rare lung disease. Hiker accompanied his father removed the major hospitals, doctors are at a loss what to do is to suggest that: “, if the patient can live in the forest in the fresh air, improve breathing environment, may have a slim chance of survival.” But in the end how much hope, they do not know.

I heard his son to his father after the tree, it was moved to Hiker with a wry smile, said: “we are here for lack of water, dry climate, poor soil, make a tree survival easier said than done? Or just let it go!” But Hickley still secretly determined, must be in front of his house planted a dense forest, because this is the only way to let the father’s life to continue.

Since then, Hiker saved his father gave him a pocket money, and sometimes are reluctant to eat breakfast, the town to sell newspapers and do Gong He also went to the weekend. After saving some money, Hiker drove nfl jerseys more than and 200 miles to buy a tree. Jefferson, the owner of the shop, advised him not to do any work, because of the poor natural conditions of the town, the tree is difficult to survive. Some people have tried, but failed. But when Jefferson jerseys nfl Free Shipping learned that Hiker was trying to save his father’s life, he was deeply moved by this behavior. Since then, he sold to Hickley seedlings often only half price, and sometimes give him some easy to survive seedlings, and teach him some knowledge of cultivation.

Hickley digging in front of their own culture, lugging buckets of water for irrigation. Because of the drought, lack of soil nutrients, most of the saplings planted soon after died, survived several strains of malnutrition is long, crooked skinny. A lot of people in the town to persuade Hiker to give up the power of “stupid” idea, but he always laugh. Every morning, the first thing Hiker got up. Is to look at the seedlings have withered, how much taller.

Late one night, suddenly began to hail, when Hickley rush to put up tents, saplings have been hail down a half. Nevertheless, one year down, he initially planted more than and 100 seedlings or survived the 43 strains.

At this time Hiker has graduated from high school, but in order to take care of his father, he offered to give up the opportunity to go to college. Some people say that Hiker force insanity, some people say that he is too old, to a dying man for his own future, not to believe that these people with almost as high plants, can save a doctor can not cure the patient. Hickley never put these rumors and slanders in my heart, just as in the past to a tree.

Year after year, Hiker planted more and more saplings, many saplings have been growing tall and thick. Hiker often helped my father go,jerseys different nfl color exudes the fragrance of the grass walk in the woods, the old man’s face became red, cough much less than before, also greatly enhance the physique.

At this time, no one laughed at Hiker is crazy, because all the residents have witnessed the green trees of the magic trees brought fresh air, attracted a singing bird, the town has become more and more beautiful.

The story of Hiker’s ability to save his father’s life by planting trees, after the broadcast of Paris International TV channel sixth, many media have broadcast. Many people were Hickley’s filial piety, love, the courage to challenge nature, spirit and refuse to be nfl jerseys news cowed or submit moved to tears; some terminally ill patients also ask for leaves to Hiker, said that green is the symbol of life: the people of the town have put into action to plant trees.

In 2004, Hiker, 39, was named the most healthy and filial man in France by Paris fashion capital magazine. The Hiker force of joy more than that, at the beginning of 2005, found that medical experts Hiker father again at the time of diagnosis and treatment: the old man lung symptoms have unbelievable disappeared, his lungs as Wholesale nfl jerseys authentic normal person.

The doctor said with emotion: “in this world, love is the most magical power, and sometimes it is more effective than any advanced medical means!” Yes, as long as there is love in the heart. No matter how poor the soil, can grow the most powerful trees.

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