Each of you are wholesale cheap nfl jerseys not work hard

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In high school, once Each of you are wholesale you see cheap nfl jerseys not work hard someone get university admission notice, if one day you can also receive the Tsinghua University admission notice that this is good ah, but I only envy envy hate a.

After graduating from college, once you see other people easily work on the monthly income of over 10000, if one day I could have such a paying job easily that nice ah, but after his graduation, wages are always so little.

See other people live in luxury villas, if they can also have a face to the sea spring villa, how cool it is.


But it seems so far away from nfl jerseys online their own is ah, ah, how I had such a poor?

But do you work as hard as others? You deserve to go to Peking University Tsinghua University, easily tens of thousands of wages, high-grade seaside villa… ?

In high school, the others all day tight nerve, stop the mechanical test to do, and you do cheap nfl jerseys nothing; night after class, others are still learning in the classroom, you have been lying in the dormitory bed. You also want to get the admission notice of Tsinghua University, you work hard?

When I was in college, I was carrying a bag to the library every day, and you don’t eat, sleep, play computer every day. The graduation when looking for a job, others of the same profession soon found a satisfactory job, and they are in an interview when rebuffed everywhere, can not find a copy of their own work. When others are avid reading and learning, you have to?


The young do not work hard, needy age! Do not regret it, do not work hard enough to complain. Efforts, it is possible to realize the dream.

Friends, you are willing to use the present efforts in exchange for a future without regret? No matter what stage you are in now, please cherish the present, do not jerseys nfl china complain, and strive for the realization of the dream. Remember: the east end of mulberry Yufei late, when beginning any efforts are not too late.

Don’t give yourself excuses, lazy lazy, do not do not do, no reason. If you spend time looking for excuses for yourself, laziness and procrastination will become a habit, and you will never be able to progress.

Yesterday you said tomorrow nfl jerseys, not to the future is always just a dream, go, boys and girls!

Bai Yansong was not to say yes or no, but he cited an example, his family lived on the top floor, the elevator to go home every night. On the top floor, he will press the “1 layer”, let the elevator down. Because most of the people in the evening are home, so convenient to other home, shorten the waiting time. Later, Bai Yansong found that after every night to go home, the child is also very naturally have this habit, and he never told the child, “how do you do?”.

“The parents is a silent character, the words and deeds, do you think the child of this age, every day you press here, tell him truth useful?” Bai Yansong asked.

This holiday jerseys nfl online children senior high school entrance examination finished, Bai Yansong hopes he ran out to play, relax yourself, and jokingly told him, “if you study in this vacation, I break your leg, suddenly one day, the child ran over and said,” Dad, I want to learn”. “Do you translate a word every day?” Bai Yansong said.

“Do you think it is useful to let the children learn every day, but in turn, you do not let him learn, he asked to learn, is out of a habit and fun, this is not better?” Bai Yansong said.

Talking about their children’s education, Bai Yansong often recalled his own growth experience. In fact, as the first smoking together, drink together this buddy loyalty, the so-called bad child life is not far from Bai Yansong. He said, “any generation of middle school children grow in front of their parents the truthjerseys factory supply, emerge in its totality, will let them feel the thrilling!” There are a few people did not fight the shelf, a few people did not secretly smoke, drink wine, secretly unrequited love? Bai Yansong believes that to accept these, as long as it does not become the main body, there is no problem, do not go through these “curiosity”, was changed, how can grow? Growth, is full of curiosity, twists and turns, but also constantly being corrected, change.

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