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July 4th, Beijing test who’s growth is nfl jerseys results supply-2016 not thrilling announced, soon, Bai Yansong will know his son’s achievements, is a high score”. Bai Yansong breathed a sigh of relief, not only because his son, a good test, but also did not test too well”. Before the exam, he and his children opened a joke, if you admitted to the best high school in Beijing, I am anxious with you, if you test the first, you cut off the relationship between father and son.”

In the case of Bai Yansong’s personal experience, who can think of one in the class has bottom scores of people, at the age of more than and 30 has been hold “China golden microphone Award”, and later “China Ten Outstanding Youth”, and China list Changjiang & Taofen prize “best TV commentary shows the main bearer” award? Recently, Bai Yansong accepted the China Youth Daily reporter interview, talking about their own growth and Godson experience.

From the bottom second entrance to the eighth counter attack

When Bai Yansong was a child is not very concerned about the results, in the exam, he was only one cheap price for nfl jerseys point higher than the then high school admission line.

In the senior high school entrance examination a few days ago, his energy was placed in cheap nfl jerseys Kurosawa’s “three or four man” attitude and defending champion Argentina 0 1 lost to Belgium in World Cup opener. It was 1982, starring Jet Li “Shaolin Temple” Shii Matsuhide is on both sides of the Changjiang River Huobian, relish in front of students home black and white TV, but his mother was caught.

This is not a good class, not Study hard “habit has been maintained to the high school, a senior high school, Bai Yansong in the eyes of teachers is a” poor student “hundred-percent, Bai Yansong’s own words,” I was the most miserable, mixed class second countdown.”

Until the third year, to accompany you to play before the students are going to review, Bai Yansong realized, is the sprint”.

Then, he spent a nike nfl jerseys top quality year’s time, from the bottom to the top 10 positions. In the final semester of the mock exam, if not a foreign language, his score in the class is the first, second”.

Chat here, Bai Yansong deliberately stressed: I do not think this can let other children learn, because I am liberal arts, can complete this reversal, science may be difficult.”

Read the fanatic love

And do not like to read textbooks, the formation of a strong contrast is that from the beginning of literacy, Bai Yansong is a love to read the book of “fanatics”.

In 1980s, the literary craze swept china. “People’s Literature”, “harvest” these pure literary journals, have reached a million copies of the circulation, Bai Yansong’s high school era is in such a background of the times spent.

Who’s growth is not thrilling

For the child’s interest, Bai Yansong never deliberately to cultivate, only let the child freedom, can grow faster.” Today, children’s interests and hobbies are basically “monasteries”, Bai Yansong love watching, children love watching, Bai Yansong is a Argentina fan, the child is named Battie.

Even, in a sense, Bai Yansong’s interest in children’s support is almost “indulgent”. Once, in the case of second days of class, he agreed to see the child on the first day of the night watching the ball, the result is the next day the children came home from school proudly told him: “no one in our class dare to do so.” Today, the child has been promoted to the captain of a private team, Bai Yansong can not tell this happy”.

Similarly, Bai Yansong does not think that the ball is blind, no use, which is important for children’s growth. Bai Yansong cited an example, the child’s favorite is Manchester City, there nfl jerseys free shipping is a matter of Manchester City won the game, also in the night to see. Manchester City at the end of the game or 1: 2 behind,nba jerseys news but in the last of the last four or five minutes, the miracle appeared, Manchester City, when added to the ball into the ball for 3 minutes to reverse the championship!

In the life, which has such good opportunity, lets the child feel does not give up, the result may change the example. In class can not give.” Therefore, even on that day, the child did not sleep until two or three, but Bai Yansong believes that children must be more serious than usual in the second day of class.

Bai Yansong believes that such a sentence: reading open world, but for earlier experience sharing, team spirit and the significance of the victory.

The outside world usually have a misunderstanding on Bai Yansong, is as a national people are known as the “face”, he should not be a good father, “he is so busy, no time to accompany the child, what affect the child?”

Like many parents talk about emotional problems of students said, “thought can be very complex, but the behavior should be simple,” Bai Yansong for their children too, he said, “if the growth is always a model, logical, sunny, spotless, it is not growing, it is not a qualified literature creation. Growth is real, three-dimensional, but also make people have some concerns, but not special, hold the bottom line.”

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