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Kiki, who teaches A variety of 2016 cheap Chinese in Australia nfl jerseys from china like waking up, recently said in an email that after three years of teaching Chinese as a foreign language teacher, she has recently received several excellent opportunities, which she once dreamed of. Just before the qualification is too shallow, only standing on the doorstep slobber out, but now, as she struggles to overcome all difficulties to do third years, a variety of opportunities like just woke up like, lined up to look for her.

She told me that a job, no matter how open the industry is, no matter where you work, there are possibilities everywhere. So, my dear, whether it is still an important road way, seriously go.

It’s hard to insist on one thing, especially when you meet with difficulties. For example, I myself, from practice to formal work, engaged in the public relations industry jerseys nfl online has been a full five years, the middle can not have been so smooth, but also a letter of oath, determined not to do, too tired. At that time, every day I do nfl jerseys online do report nausea. Once attached to write several press releases, at the end of a sick feeling in front of the computer screen. Every day to face high pressure, overtime to very late.

But whenever there is a little progress, such as this will be written, that will do, if you do not know a lot of work will not know, see the cattle industry predecessors made beautiful case, or will slowly convince yourself, hold on, hold on one, just give up. What a pity. Occasionally I will help a friend to make an idea, to think of a plan, or to write something, will always be the other side of the appreciation, I am very professional, very standard. At this time, I will read the company’s good. Although I am very hard, very sad, the pressure was can’t sleep sleep, but think carefully, this several years of professional training to me from a mess dress, what will be careless with, speak of the wild child, trained as a work edge angle, speak youmoyouyang workplace.

A friend of mine frequent job hopping, half a year, the reason is not like. Jump to the results of the work, the basic content has not changed, has always been like. I didn’t say anything, just a little worried about her.

When I started working, also feel a contemptuous disregard for many things, think what are very simple, feel that they should be strong, to spend so much money and time to learn this study that education, school, background, English which are not bad, the multinational firm to express delivery, painting form, the number of the numbers. At that time, like many people, I think I should be able to go out to talk about a business, or can take a few people to do a project.

The job when I voted three resumes, crack shot, won offer, finally quit one by one. I draw a form in the first company, make a phone call for two months, in the form of second nfl jerseys for sale companies, call, write PPT5 months. I thought I had 7 months of multinational companies to experience the experience of the third companies, what can be done, but I did not find any solid. Colleagues to eat do not know what to say, always stuffy head to eat in silence; and the media talk about cooperation does not know what to say, always staring out to listen; noisy frame focus, noisy noisy and forget what is the argument, no logic.

Only everything from the beginning, in order to let my humble heart a little bit nfl jerseys china steadfast. So I drew the form, write PPT, 6 months after the announcement and positive entry, started the project.

A long time, insist on a long time, naturally can make some characteristics and good things to come, so the opportunity is everywhere.

When I began to have the ability to extend to more broader and deeper place, I saw his lack of more and more, also have a strong desire to learn more and more. I love the feeling of humility nike nfl jerseys top quality, subconsciously letting myself go further, taking the opportunity to touch more possibilities everywhere.

I enjoy this empty feeling of learning, but also like to go to the world. And all this is the premise of these years of hard training and training, I hope I can really go on. For those I still do not know the future, in order to all silly to stand in the heart of the ideal will not disappear.

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