Fortunately top quality for cheap nfl jerseys I did not complain

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The work is not smooth,Fortunately top quality the boss scolded a pour for cheap nfl jerseys I did not complain out a torrent of abuse. Learning is not serious, the teacher asked the parents. A friend is not generous, secretly put a knife. Salary is not high. The house is too expensive. No partner. These people in a population of nagging, like blowing dust, hung over everyone. So we are often wearing a wry face, shaking his head, thought FUCK.

Li is my college roommate, plump boy, love Dungeon Fighter Online. The university did not Study hard, but rarely fail the exam. When a high number of classes, a love of his girl, he said it was love at first sight. To the phone, confession, was rejected. I never found any other girls. Play games every day to watch movies, read a book, occasionally. At that time, I feel a little unsure of my classmates, but I am also a cheerful and talkative person.

After graduation, into the state-owned enterprises in Guangdong, do some software configuration, system maintenance. Easy work, very little overtime. Although wages are not high, but the students are very satisfied, at cheap price for nfl jerseys least a job. At that time asked him the situation, he said very good, that is too low wages.

Later, he often chat with me on QQ, said his work is too boring, too low wages, no future. I always comfort him, you just go in, and do not work overtime, wages are not high, people high wages, work overtime every day to 10 o’clock in the evening, her. I advised him to take it easy and learn more.

The first few times, I was slowly away, careful comfort. Later, every chat, he complained to me the same thing, wages are not high, no future, no wages. A good song, listen to more will be tired, not to mention other people’s nba jerseys news complaints. I began to get impatient, every time a perfunctory return to a two. Once he told me that he and his colleagues had opened a store. Very excited look. Finally, I didn’t hear the familiar complaints.

But it wasn’t long before it started again. He said that every day at the end of the work to take care of the shop, too tired. The business in the shop was bad. Do not want to, but the cost has not come back. I knew not, before work easily, now dead cheap authentic nfl jerseys, no more money. Such words have become the main line of our future chat. As if numb, these complaints can no longer afford to mention the spirit, and even some hate. Every time he did not even want to chat with the window, and directly back to refuel, huh, huh, and so on.

From the beginning of the comfort to the current habits, and even hate. These complaints about me and him off, then to me, his misfortunes have become of little importance, fiction.

Some days ago, and I complained that more than half a year, Lee students finally shut up the shop, the resignation of the work. He said he was going to Shenzhen! Through the words of the vision of the future. I asked him to find a job. He said that in the past to find, it should be easier. I said, well, come on.

For a week, Lee students have no whereabouts. He was anxious, said to me, I’d rather not resign, used to work well, and now every day for money, and no wages, happy. With a sigh and chagrin in speech. I asked him, do not worry ah, only for a week, slowly, always find. He just smile.

Yesterday, my classmate called me to find a job. Very excited. I said, are satisfied with it. He said that is not good to eat, wages are not ideal that way, let it be. I said, you still do not go, look again, you are not satisfied with, want to find a better, because now you beggars, put up, then you will complain about. He said, tossing back and forth, want to understand, after a good job, do not want to think about the East, and others do not compare. I said, this is right, live your life, and why others, so tired.

In fact, I did not love complaining, recently to do the project, too, and urged closely. Dizzy head every day, bad mood. Everyone said, too tired, do not want to do, too hard, the teacher was ill. Roommate during the period as the role of Lee students in my role, every day to listen to my complaints. He is also a good start, slowly, will not ask. Later heard more, too tired, have dinner, I began to complain, he was impatient, he said, who all style nfl jerseys is not tired of it, which is not difficult to do, we are the same, is just too lazy to say it useful to complain, listen to the others will feel bored. I suddenly said, some feel shy, you are right, don’t complain, Study hard. The roommate laughed.

We have played the role of Lee students encounter difficulties, ramble, cry father maniang heave great sighs. I always feel like I’ve never done this before. This mood is hanging over you, eating you and even affecting your friends. Although also understand that it’s nfl jerseys from china no use complaining, but could not help but always spoke, seems to be poisoned, addicted to it. The feeling is that if I don’t say, how do you know my pain. If I had to say, people will feel Similarly afflicted people pity each other. support, comfort.

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