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Look at the little There are people in nfl jerseys book yesterday china free shipping help you, the word “hand of the party”, reminds me of some have been at my side constantly incident. I have received many letters, tell their own troubles, about their miserable situation, whether it is love or not telling the teacher himself, colleagues small tangle, asked me how to do? Or do you want me to help you make a study plan, whether it is to learn English or do you want me to tell you what to do? I started to reply very seriously and spend a lot of time, but a lot of people reply after a thank you have disappeared in the wind; some students gave me a higher order version of the problem, expecting me to give him an answer.

But I can not reply to these messages, because it will make people more and more angry. Each person’s life and cognition are different, I can not stand in my life experience to tell you that you do not have the money to go abroad to study and poor parents can not bear to spend their hard-earned money how to do. There are many students sent messages very confidently, very polite, if not received my reply will catch several messages to question me. To be practical, I have no obligation to solve your personal problems, I also confiscate your money, your own problems to solve their own, this is the opportunity to exercise your ability to solve problems. Young people generally happen on the choice, insist on, have common problems about college jerseys china nfl factory and career of my blog and write the book nfl jerseys supply be arranged again, can go to have a look? Always do not look at the mouth to ask, just want to get the answer in one step of the hand of the party, really can not let others have the mood to help you.

For the party said small want to grow, said the high-end vocabulary is lack of initiative. I heard the newcomers entering the workplace or interns complain, feel that their leadership suck, regardless of their own, what is learned. Such complaints always happened at school and the workplace of the transition period of classmates, but also a pair of his boss with the appearance of injustice. Few teachers exhort, parental control, students selfless help, to maximize the protection of the school, into the community, whether we learn to actively seek and fight for what they want, even rob? In fact, no one in the workplace should teach us anything, even if their predecessors or leadership.

The workplace is not a school, not the teaching task, and we also did not pay, the company gave us money. We are all adults, graduated at least 22 years old, such a big man who also need to look at the ready-made meals to the mouth to eat? Therefore, those who graduated in the mix of young people, but also by many people as a chicken thief who is generally good initiative, the initiative to look for a job to do, take the initiative to help set meal, ask sound good, active morning classes, careful observation, is not it?

Some people will ask, I can not ask others, we must study it? With convenient conditions without their hard? Hey, the social information is so developed, will not go online library to find it? Some people say jerseys different nfl color that I do not like the work now, I do not like the current professional, I want to learn XXXX, how should I do? I recently study on emotional management, reincarnation and child psychology, my approach is first to find Douban a pile of books, buy books to see, find out from the doorway to self summary and reflection, after the popularization of basic knowledge of a subject, to buy some high order data, continuous go forward. Encounter problems nfl jerseys news to their own access and thinking, want to ask questions to ask a higher level to ask questions, the other side is willing to answer you, their initiative and problem-solving ability will be enhanced. Of course, you spend will feel cherish and value. Then of course, even if asked, no one can answer you, even if you answer, you’re not going to do it, don’t eat bitter not wrestle did not make detours struggle just a mediocre, no traces of what is not what memory.

Quality education from childhood we always admire children in the United States, the total of American primary school that open education greatly, assigns a topic to write a small home search the way of education, then at how rigid exam oriented education Chinese harm. Can we ask ourselves, if put themselves into such an environment, how to do? Do you really go to the library to look up information? Baidu is probably a copy of the majority of college students in the papers in the general practice. Everyone said that to change China’s education, but they are reaching out to the party, school education and then cattle, but also reached the hands of the parents of the family education influence. Don’t say you don’t reach out to the party. Resolutely jerseys direct nfl supply stop the hand of the party, from every time the onset of the onset of dependence. Every small change in life comes from the initiative, the so-called positive energy is nothing more than the confidence and initiative after each initiative to get. There are people in the world who are lucky to help you, no one to help you is normal, do not think everyone owes you, go for a long time, are their own owe.

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