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The classroom was I worship nike nfl jerseys full of people wholesale direct to adhere to, each student are arrayed in front of the intelligent mobile phone notebook and spread out their. Looking at the past, almost all of the iPhone4. scene, with no difference in Taiwan. Accept the magazine invited a few days ago, went to Tsinghua University and attended a symposium entitled “cross-border creation”. In the table for the visit, also known as the “Oriental Paganini” violinist Mengla Huang, award-winning graphic designer Nie Yongzhen. Listen to their experience also made me a veteran in battle, become unusually frank.

We of the students said: “yes, creation is a process full of potholes.” “Yes, music is a hard way.” “Yes, you will have a lot of difficult customers in the future.”……

As I spoke, I began to worry nfl jerseys online that the students would not think we were throwing cold water on them There are many dreams in their eyes, with a little bit of youthful rebellion and disdain, why do we have to listen to these professionals say their work more difficult? There’s something to be encouraged, isn’t it?

“Who do you admire?” One of the students asked me that. Suddenly, I hope to become! “Oh…… Everyone has his merits, I do not particularly worship, because everyone has a place to learn……” I jerseys from nfl china answered hesitatingly. Look at the student’s face, he knew he gave a bad answer.

Back to the hotel on the road, I have been in the review, why can not tell a why? In fact, at that time, my head is full of “screen”……

I imagine Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, taking his designer for a walk in the woods, because when he was talking about important things every time, he would go for a walk with his partner for a couple of hours, just a few hours after the death of Mr. Jobs. I must say, I do not worship Jobs — he has too much personality problems — but I adore that kind of thinking in action force.

I saw Microsoft jerseys nfl online’s former technical director, NathanMyhrvold, lighting a fire in a half – pot. The greatest genius in advance from Microsoft after retirement, to study various strange and eccentric take his property to hundreds of millions, including mechanical and chemical methods to study cooking. Last year, he published a set of 2480 – page, heavy – weight cooking reference books of 17 kilograms. I don’t admire the genius and geek, because they really and I was too far, but I admire their spirit in the end of the study and asked to break the casserole.

I also saw my father sitting in front of the window of the hotel in Jiuzhaigou with a brush painting. No matter where, no matter how late and tired, he will always find time to create, never compromise. When I was young, my father told me not to worship him.

Like to see Nie Yongzhen’s design, he can imagine the night in front of the computer repair release way; Mengla Huang heard playing, I can imagine him practicing his violin to the neck of congestion. The above pictures are not witnessed, but each works are always behind a make painstaking efforts. As long as you do it, it will be touched.

The students, please let me give you a piece of encouragement is not very encouraging: creation is a difficult way to go, but insisted that my colleagues, I know him too much. Home is very common, like most of us. When they got married couples two of their own arrangements nfl jerseys wholesale, we add these brothers and little help, almost did not give parents Tim trouble. We have to do a project, in the field of business, he fought for three or four months in a row, every day from the beginning of the work at the beginning of the morning, to the end of the evening of 1, the weekend off, so that we all the way down the road to the end of the year, we have to go to work at the end of the night,

we will be able to do it all the way down to the end of the week, at the end of 8. When he was on a business trip, a few days ago, I also come up with the fun of him, thirty years old, in the evening to play a iPad you take a shot I play the game, to help his daughter… Is still on the road, but he has bought a house in the third ring (school district room). We have a colleague to join the team, time is not too long, because of the need to adapt to the new professions and fields, this time he worked extremely hard, the Dragon Boat Festival our extra holiday, I saw him come to the office work, Saturday Sunday has been non-stop. I think he is very hard, he told me: “this is the cost of growing.” we authentic nfl jerseys have the extra holiday. The Spring Festival, in the formal work of the day before I went to the company to do the first lunar new year to the company, found that late…… Let everyone willing to work hard, not the system, is a dream.

Writing this article, I suddenly found himself originally not much born rich handsome rich, that did not like some people who speak of who my dad dad uncle uncle, how a small friend suddenly found is rich two generations of feeling. I can see too many examples, are all around me “grass root” friends how to work hard, step by step to achieve a variety of successful counter attack, a copy of their dreams. Everyone will think that North Canton prices high, but I have many friends around, like family, like buying a car, let the family live a non poor life (because I don’t know what is the standard now). What I see is still their diligence.

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