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A report of a class nfl jerseys from china interpretation factory In the next 7 years prompted by a sudden impulse, of which there is a teacher about 30 years old, very pretty, very fashionable dress, interpreting Kung Fu, every time a hurry, noon took 5 minutes to soak a bowl of noodles to eat. Later, she learned that the university is history, her job is a public relations manager of the company, the son is 5 years old, she went to work every day, doing housework, with children. And we are different, she has the personnel department two interpreters certificate, all over the country have meeting translation task each month, also serves as the interpretation center supervisor.

On her blog, has been updated to the more than and 500 page, there are more than 2 thousand posts, all her own interpretation practice articles every day, the daily average of two long a short, she has insisted on doing it for almost 10 years, non professional background of her English and have been working for love. I admire her, she said, 10 years ago, she had seen a survey report, a person who wants to master a skill cheap nfl jerseys, become an expert, you need to practice nonstop for 10000 hours. At that time, she had an account, if you practice 5 hours a day, every day for 300 days, then it takes about 7 years, a person can master this skill.

She said, fortunately, I know what you want to master the skills, I only need to immediately put dry up on the line, I have 5 hours of time, every day I can learn only 3 hours, almost 10 years now, I feel myself almost have mastered this skill. In 66 micro-blog also mentioned this nike nfl jerseys theory, she says she is after 7 years of hard work writing, to become a writer, the Beatles before fame has held 1200 concerts, Bill Gate had done 7 years before the fortune of programmers.

But why have you been a mere clerk for 10 years? Why do 7 years of meal at home, did not become a super chef, but found that marriage to the 7 year itch?

That’s because you don’t have the energy and enthusiasm to practice a skill. Go to work every day just to see the newspaper online to deal with a variety of trivial tasks, why do you do, cooking every day just to make the normal operation of the family, and do not look at this matter with a professional eye.

Don’t lament after graduating from university major is lost, if from the junior middle school since the beginning of 12 years of school,nfl jerseys for sale even every day to learn a skill for 2 hours, 300 days a year, you have only 7200 hours, and 2800 hours after graduation gap, even if you try to practice every day for 1 hours, you need 10 years. Why are people more likely to succeed in science? As long as they graduate professional counterparts, or do something, then they are equal to 1 days and 8 hours in practice, these 2800 hours, only more than 1 years to fill the. But many of us, especially women, are not working on the skills, mostly trivial people and things.

Maybe you will say, I am an ordinary person, I do not want to be a person, just want to live a safe life. It’s just your illusion, time is running out, and the way you repeat and repeat every day is what makes you who you don’t want to be, but who you are.

5 hours a day, if you are nba jerseys news used to watch Korean dramas, web pages, chat, so after 7 years, you will become a spectator of life, your best is familiar to others about success and failure, could not find them any thing to say. Take 1 minutes to think of what was once the most want to do, then every day to do it, after 7 years, you will find that you have to rely on this thing out of bread. Even if you like shopping, you set yourself 3 hours a day to try? You may start to feel very happy, so every day, you will find boring, then stick to it, you start wondering, I go shopping can find what can do what? Stick to it, after 7 years, you may become fashionable,nfl jerseys free shipping Master image design experts, street photographer, fashion buyer……

In the next 7 years of your life, what are you going to do in the next 10000 hours?

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