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There is a proverb What kind of wholesale is “true”, only the heart cheap nfl jerseys person do to think, to come, do not want to do, want to do it, it can’t happen. The first step is to first do things to do, if you do not want to do any careful planning and improvement measures, correct decision-making, strict system, is a mere scrap of paper; spirit in any innovative ideas and effective methods and important, but no bright future feed on illusions; and wonderful dream and the lofty goal, can only become a flower in the mirror.

As a new company, Yang Xiaoli degree is low, and no experience, the company gave her position as a receptionist. The company is considered by many people as the most promising no “junk” position, any hair, greeting sent, answering the telephone, no technical content, most people do less than two years or the guard, or leave.

Yang Xiaoli think the company gave himself a post, is their own trust, she believes supply replica nfl jerseys that the future is not singled out, but to do. The first day of work, she changed the volume hit poor register, tore down the smudged dirty department contact list, instead of the 16 open Wallace, cover their own printing nfl jerseys online company profile. In order to facilitate personnel and company contact, she played a few early in the morning, all the departments and organs staff numbers by heart.

Some people say: Mary, your phone number back what it do? There is no need to check on the line! Why be silly to memorize. Yang Xiaoli said: “ask back number can not answer quickly, don’t rush. Not only that, one day she was lunch time memory company promotional materials, and some data, after the discovery of boss asked her why she wanted to remember these things, she said: perhaps what use it! The heart of the little girl, caused the attention of the boss.

As a new employee, Yang Xiaoli had just arrived, the leadership did not teach her colleagues did not warn her that Yang Xiaoli is her wishful thinking all the doings. The receptionist answering the telephone is the daily work for the general receptionist, so many jerseys at nfl best discount phone number who can remember, when you need to check on the line, but Yang Xiaoli don’t, she happens to rote, put these boring numbers in mind, which can improve their work efficiency. But also enhance the good image of the company. The basic situation of the company’s vision, objectives, ideas, products and services, some employees in the company for several years may not be able to say clearly, Yang Xiaoli was active in mind, so urgently.

From the case of Yang Xiaoli can be seen, she think it is necessary to do the work, it should be, although the job responsibilities are not clearly stated, the leader has no requirements, but nfl jerseys she did, and do well, is in place. So, there is only one person who wants to do it on his own initiative. Only want to do, work can be implemented, the plan can become action, vision can become a reality.

(two) would like to do a good job

Who can make things happen inside not only want to do, take the initiative to do, but to do. They are not satisfied with the simple work, not satisfied with the general status of the work, they are always wondering: the current work there is no room for improvement? How to improve? Always want to make a simple job to wonderful. Many people always want to do big things but with vigour and vitality, in the actual work we are exposed to more of those specific things, trivial things, boring, perhaps too flat to talk about, but maybe this is work, trifles, to be able to do the simple things a piece to do good, to do this is to implement.

If you can’t do a simple job well, how can you talk about complex work? As Haier Group CEO Zhang Ruimin said: what is not easy, the easy thing to do is not easy to adhere to; what is not simple, simple things to do a good job is not simple.

One day, the company came to a number of customers in Malaysia, Yang Xiaoli arranged the customer waiting in the reception hall. When the guests to pour water, careful Yang Xiaoli aware from the conversation between customers, these customers are the first time to the company, so I don’t know much about the basic situation of the company. She took the initiative to come forward to say politely: “distinguished guests, welcome to our cheap authentic nfl jerseys company, if you can, take up a little time, I would like to briefly introduce our company, OK?” The customer was surprised and agreed with applause. Then, Yang Xiaoli from the company’s inception, organizational structure, products, sales, market share, operating conditions, vision, development strategy of the company in the coming ten years operation value, goal planning, statement, data, voice and emotion and passion, properly and logically arranged.

When the boss came to the reception hall to greet the guests when customers praise: “your company shall not be an employee of his company’s history, performance, development of digital planning can Chukouchengzhang, blurted out, your company is really trained with regularity! We have confidence in such enterprises……”

Afterwards, the boss asked Yang Xiaoli, where the data come from, and how to remember so many boring figures, she replied: “the company will be the annual meeting.

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