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He was born in Liaoning To be a nfl jerseys online, Shenyang. He grew up in music from china growing tree and was very talented. At the age of 9, in order to develop his hobby, his father gave up his love of work, accompanied him to study piano at Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing. Although he is still a child, but he is very sensible, very hard, in addition to learning culture classes, he insisted for more than eight hours every day. For a period of time, he has been able to skillfully play Tchaikovsky’s First Piano Concerto and the Third Piano Concerto by Rachmaninoff, and the difficulty of these two songs are quite high.

Just as he was immersed in the joy of progress, one night, the neighborhood aunt angrily knocked on the door of his house. In order to express their indignation, the aunt said to him bluntly: “you don’t want to play the piano, you sound really scary, noisy everybody cannot rest.jerseys nfl top quality Who do you think you are! Clayderman, Beethoven? Take the heart as early as possible, some students more, you can have a few people can really famous?”

Not only that, in the school, many students have despised him and mocked him as a bumpkin northeast, laughed at him, toad. What makes him uncomfortable is that a piano teacher also splashed his cold water, said: “you still have to go back to Shenyang to go, with your qualifications, over one hundred years, it is impossible to become a pianist!” He returned to the rented Tongzilou downhearted, cried and said to his father: “I hate Beijing, hate the piano, hate everything here, let’s go back home, I’m not piano.”

After father listens, not as usual to comfort him, but he will be a piece of wood to the park before the father pointed to a tree, said: “the children, before, there have been many passers-by pointing at it, some people say that this tree is black and white, not what people say, ornamental value; this tree will die soon, will not have the opportunity to grow up; some people said, had never seen such nba jerseys news an ugly tree, it is the city; some people say, just take this tree, and re planted a tree, lest it unsightly. For people today, this tree has remained silent, but it grows big, so every day to absorb the sun and rain, so the nourishment from the soil. You see now, it grows with luxuriant foliage, a wild profusion of vegetation, but also out of the incomparable scent of flowers.”

My father paused, then said: “the child, it should be like a tree, don’t care what people say, do not complain about the fate of injustice, you only own growth, when one day you will understand both jerseys supply nfl center fragrant and beautiful, others of you.” Listen to the words of his father, but nodded.

Since then, he has been practicing the piano with all his heart, no matter how others beat him or satirize him, he has been holding on to his dream, for decades. Eight years later, no one would have thought that when the young trees humble, has grown into a towering tree, only 17 years old on the world, the highly anticipated.

He is known as “the world’s jerseys china nfl factory most young piano master” a piano generator “and” China Mozart “famous pianist Lang Lang, he created numerous first in the world, has participated in the 2006 World Cup opening ceremony, the 2008 Nobel Prize Concert, 2008 opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2010. Shanghai World Expo opening ceremony, was also in the White House held a special cheap nfl jerseys recital, Obama was praised as a” messenger of peace in the world”. Now, he has become a name card China, become a name card of music in the world.

Lang Lang was able to achieve such remarkable achievements, it can be said that the tree to help him a lot of busy. To be a tree that grows, it is not only a mind, but also a kind of wisdom.

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