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It is easy to understand Study of geese nike nfl jerseys why people china fast shipping the seagull love the rugged rocks – overlooking the harbour, I see a seagull fly free. Its wings beat the strong back, rose higher and higher, higher and higher, until higher than all other seabirds, and then glide a gorgeous circle arc. It continued to act as if knowing that a camera was pointing at it, recording its elegance.

But in the flock of seagulls, it had changed completely, and all the grace and dignity had fallen into the dirty fighting and cruelty. The seagull, it like bombs into the flock, steal a little scraps of meat, stir scattered feathers and angry scream. There is no concept of sharing and courtesy between the seagulls, only jealous and fierce competition. If you tie a red ribbon to the leg of a seagull and make it look different, you will be sentenced to death. Other seagull with the beak and claws violently attack it, let it, badly bruised from flogging bled, until it fell to the ground to become a badly mutilated.

If we have to choose a bird as an example of human society, then the seagull is definitely not a good choice. On the contrary, we should study the behavior of geese. Have you ever wondered why the geese arranged in “V” shape of the goose? Scientists tell us that the goose geese flying speed is 71% higher than that of solo. The nike nfl jerseys task is in the shape of “V” at the tip of the most difficult, need to bear the maximum air resistance, so the leading wild goose every few minutes to rotate, so the birds can fly long distances without rest.

The two position is the most easily goose tail jerseys supply nfl center, strong young, sick and let the wild goose goose aging occupy the position of labor. Goose honking, this is a strong partner in encouraging backward geese. If the goose is too tired or ill and left behind, the geese would not abandon it. They will send a healthy goose, with left behind companions fell on the ground, wait until it is able to fly.

This kind of close social order plays a very important role in the survival and healthy development of geese…… Sometimes, however, our society is more like a group of hundreds of millions of lonely seagulls, who argue over their own interests, and at the cost of being alone.

Recognition of their limited capacity is a prerequisite for mental health. From the beginning I reconsider Lei Feng’s leadership on that day, I struggled to learn how to do things. Said funny, their IQ is limited to the past actually did not expect the “capabilities” is so difficult behavior in 1) admit their limited capacity; 2) not afraid in front of others louqie; 3) not to dare to prove that he is “a good man”……

As a result, only the all nfl style jerseys best people have effective connections. And because these people could be avoided whenever and wherever possible “unfair exchange” attempt, they pay more attention to their own quality, know not to give others trouble, alone is a virtue. As the saying goes, “something more than an isolated”, is a very accurate observation. And those who are not good people often do not know such a seemingly simple truth, they are not even aware of their own situation can only make the play “request” role; and every time their “exchange” into “unfair exchange”, the final is more likely to make exchange — because you never lose love “fair exchange”; each exchange fails, all due to the loss of their own, so as to reduce their own resources is not quantity, quality is decreased further to make themselves more likely to become “takers” — a vicious cycle, and may even perdition.

There are also some people who are too eager to establish a network of contacts, regardless of their own situation. For such people, people often use some special words to describe them, “a”, “node” and “under the bully Mei”, or “interest” and so on. Such a person is often not their intention to do so. They are only dimly aware of their nba jerseys news own strength is too small, so I hope to be able to use other forces. The more a person is small, the more his desire is very strong. This one feature is very obvious, one of which is in daily life, they often use naturally or half unconsciously close to you look at the figures, both they and the “big man” really exist close to. In Chinese context, they will only say that name is not said surname: Li Kaifu is called “Li Kaifu”, in their mouth is “open”; Robin Li is called “Robin Li” is “Wang Yan” in their mouth, Shen Napeng is called “Shen Napeng”, in their mouth is “South Peng”; more recently I heard terror, more hair this legislation is, “Yu” (Yu Minhong), “Deng” (Deng Feng), “think” (ideal)……

Overall, the network is of course important.jerseys nfl china for promotion However, it is more important for an individual to have the resources he has. Some resources are hard to come by, such as money, status, reputation, especially in the real world where resources are more dependent on birth and luck. However, some resources can easily start from scratch, such as a person’s talent and knowledge. Talent or knowledge can be obtained through hard work. A person’s mind.

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