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“A person’s career Good enough order success, only 15% is due to lowest price nike nfl jerseys Tian Zhelian his professional skills, and the other 85% to rely on interpersonal skills.” Perhaps it is under the guidance of this famous Dale Carnegie, a lot of people have accumulated as an important step in the implementation of their career planning process. However, who is more likely to accumulate effective, for your use of contacts? What other people are willing to use for you? Do you rely too much on the success of your relationships and forget about your own abilities? If there is no thinking about these questions, and the blind worship of interpersonal relationship, may only be in have the order reversed.

Once in a lecture at Peking University, a student asked me, “teacher, do you say that learning is important, or business contacts important?” He looked at the face of a face, I will take down this book, and then said to him, this is a big topic, I will carefully written articles on the Internet, and then gave him my blog address. And then added a sentence, believe me, the so-called network even if it is important, it is not so important”.

Let us count. First think about, you are willing to become friends with what kind of person? From kindergarten onwards, everyone has already had some principles of choosing friends – even though they don’t cheap jerseys nfl online know. In fact, the uneven distribution of resources, will inevitably lead to some kind of attachment relationship between people. Look at it, you can see the fact that children in kindergarten are more likely to be friends with other children. So, the most toys children friends? The answer is not sure.

If you like I have a chance, also nfl jerseys free shipping happens to be willing to spend a little time with the toys most children talk, you will soon find it, in his mind, like all adults, friend is classified as a “true friend” and “general friend”. Below we will put the toys the most children called “jack”.

At that time I was very curious. Wait for Jack told me who he is “a true friend”. In the end, he told me that there were only two real friends. One is a boy, the other is a girl. Then I asked him, “why do you think the boy is your real friend?” Jack Bauer a second did not hesitate, told me, “he never takes my toy, he told me to change.” I asked him, “why do you think that girl is your real friend?” This little hesitated for a long time, after I will give him to secrecy, stammered said, “she is pretty. I gave her all the new toys……” I laugh. After a while, he asked, “do you think you look good?” Jack was stupefied, full of innocent, “I don’t know……” I asked again, “who is the girl in her hand now?” Jack suddenly seemed very nervous, “not my.” I decided not to ask the little girl anything.

For all sorts of Wholesale nfl jerseys authentic reasons, there are only a few people in life who most people want to make friends with. But for the same reason, most people don’t know how a few people understand the behavior of most of them. He just said that “true friend” never “grab” but “for his toys”. Pay attention to these two words.

We discuss the so-called “scheming here”. Some people do have a deep shrewdness, at least than others deeper, they can use the ordinary people can not think, even if you want to come out to do the means to achieve their purpose. Here, we only discuss the most common case.

All people like and value or even favor an jerseys nfl china factory exchange”. They may not realize it, he has a number of toys, making him from the angle of probability is difficult to encounter a “fair exchange”, because most children not many toys, or even toys, so the children actually did not have the opportunity, no one can force a “fair exchange with him”. For him, not fair exchange,nfl jerseys online equivalent to “grab”, no one love “”. The boy with his “change”, let Xiaoqiang feel fair. They also have their own want but don’t have, so he was going to “change” and not to “grab,” because he didn’t love “robbed” — the new toys for the girl to play first……

In a sense, even though most people do not want to admit it, their so-called “friendship” is really just an exchange”. However, if you have enough resources is not good enough, then it is more likely to become a “party”, do not “fair exchange”, eventually become the burden of each other. This time, the so-called “friendship” will slowly die. There is also a time to go on, but it is more likely that the other party is waiting patiently for the next exchange in order to achieve “fairness””. The movie “the godfather”, when the coffin shop owner Amerieo Panasara is determined to find the godfather Corleone outlet for him and for his daughter back, brother is the “party for america”. Many years later, godfather Corleone knocked amerilab brother door finally in a night……

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