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Bestie, 26 years The smalles nfl jerseys old, Hongkong free shipping to insist on read bo. When I was in high school, I read a book a year later. The liberal arts scores can not be accurate comparison, but from the class rank, she is not as good as me, although I’m far behind her hard degree. Since then, I think my IQ is higher than her. College entrance examination, she was on the two institutions, the past four years back to my text messages usually in the early morning, that she had just finished self-study.

After three years of postgraduate, went to Beijing Jiaotong University, several times the phone said no more stomach, always spit. Research two went to Hongkong, became the youngest woman around me, a monthly scholarship equivalent to RMB fourteen thousand. High school green years, every day we go home together. This high school after more than seven years, although the connection is not broken, our meeting times but not more than seven times, the reason is very simple, she is learning, in preparation for the modeling contest in English classes, in preparation for jerseys nfl Free Shipping GRE, no time. Although nfl jerseys online until now I still think that their IQ is higher than her, but her experience has taught me that the smallest difference between people is IQ, the biggest difference is to insist on.

Alumni of the University, and I learned a session with the news of the girl, a girl character, slender petite, speak a whisper, that I see all want to protect people. The fourth year she and many students go to television, work more than a year of bitter pressure, television is not the payment of wages, nor could stay commitment, all people have given up, but she did not leave. She said that this is as long as you can not do without the results of the post. She now wage salary was the highest, let me envy the stars, through the digital I can do more than others to guess how much work this delicate girl every day.

When playing one of her feet and went to the hospital to see another one hop back to their home of four buildings; overtime until midnight is commonplace, she was in the bag filled with electric batons self-defense flashlight function. When she said these clear, but I think if it happened to me, every one is enough to make me cry in self pity, for many days like Xianglinsao jerseys different nfl size others talk. Take care of her sister, his mortgage, learning soup with the master, playing with friends and colleagues, mountain climbing, daily life is rich and colorful. Not long ago in her wedding, she still looks at the weak, strong and adhere to the heart knows she will be happy.

A senior high I two, University before class for every one of his teachers take the initiative to move the seat, moved for four years. Our grades accounted for a total of thirty percent of the proportion of subjects, because of his move, all teachers all know him, must have treatment results. Not to say that his behavior utilitarian, just feel that, even with a utilitarian purpose, four years, such as a day for the teacher to move the seat, but also admirable enough, at least I can not stand down. At school he was a school for poor students, after graduation, a wife, children, work out the book, now amateur do business, live a rich life. Last year when I came to Shijiazhuang, he invited me to dinner and listened to his ideas about the future life.

I think I have a lot of pain, but I don’t know how many people would rather uncomfortable teeth to keep walking feeling. Reflect on their own, did not try to do one thing, and to love without sharing the same things, not to throw the helve after the hatchet insist. As a nfl jerseys news severe delay in the patient, I recently in the body of the lazy child is about to kill the hard work of the child. Before death, diligent child said, if our life cannot make some of their own tears of the day, your life is white.

Even, you will get unexpected help. If you are a good person, a valuable person, then there will be a lot of other excellent people, valuable people to help you. At this time,jerseys different nfl color such help is often “selfless”. As no doctor to heal after just because his salary too little and become shame, those excellent quality to a certain degree, the realm of open-minded to a certain level, often can really do “765”. Because it’s important for them to have the opportunity to “test their ideas”, which is more important than anything else. But the really interesting phenomenon is that help you because of not ordinary people, they must know “dripping grace, when Yongquan”. Finally to the satisfaction of all, just because “the communication cost is close to zero, while the effect of” natural “exchange gains relative to infinite amplification”. Benign circle。

The wisdom of life is to focus on what can be changed, and what can not be changed. Concentrate on building their own, to create a good person, a useful person, an independent person, more important than anything else. To make yourself is to build a network – if the network is really as important as they say. In fact, I always think about network leads to the success of the legend is in fact very unreal, only people who know the truth but a figment of illusion.

I’m not saying that you don’t have to care about anyone around you, or that you don’t have to deal with anyone. Being good at communicating with people is also a kind of learning.

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