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When he was on the No one can nfl jerseys plane, I was free shipping to your own longing for the boredom of life abroad, while a list of words to do this thing.Not afraid of jokes, the list of the first is: admitted to Cambridge, as I said in the 10 years of the log. However, in addition to the 3 IELTS test on the final score of eight points, this one I missed the next one hundred and eight thousand miles. My mom also occasionally joke when I put big mouth to run the train.

Second I haven’t done that before going abroad trying to mingle with the people of all countries, enjoyable. Imagine the picture has not appeared, the film does not appear in the University lens. If there is such a movie, I even bit not, the reason is very simple, if the lens can sweep to me, probably when I am not in the way to school, is on the way home, two line.

At that time, I did not foresee my life will be completely another appearance, of course, did not foresee that N years later, I actually found in the corner of such a wrinkled yellow list. Carefully read the list, in addition to some progress cooking and slightly reduce acne, the other did not seem to be able to do.

But I’m not sad.

The reason is simple, because I like myself now. Too many people feel anxious, because cheap jerseys nfl online of their own now, with their own imagination is very far away. Too many people will recall again nfl jerseys china and again, most of them now that they have not been good, so repeatedly beautify the past hate change.

If you think about it, what are you doing last year today, you also carrying a bag like you, you sit still like seat, have the same hairstyle, the person you still had pledged to the person with you forever? Change has actually occurred, who said that the change takes five years, it takes about ten years?

Never shy away from your past, not your past.

As mentioned jerseys china nfl factory above, if there is a movie about university life, I even bit not, but in the place where I live, I was my hero. I have a habit that I will put all recently to achieve goals and to beat people beyond a list, or after the completion of a cross it out.

Do you know something about the future, always uncertain let people hesitate to go ahead. Others will give you the power to use the light, you only have to find their own power, find your light, and then work hard for it to shine.

The world is like this: your efforts only you see, sometimes efforts by others in passing. You stay up until 3 a.m., second days or only pretend to work. You can’t keep your eyes open, and the second day gets up early to catch the subway that will never stop for you. Others always see your photos, that you have a good ah, really moist, but no one knows you busy this week, almost no sleep.

You think you’ve found your savior can well talk about it, but he did not care how. You want to call home to my parents, but suddenly think you can not put such a show in front of my parents. All of a sudden you want to ask, why this world is not what you want, and those who once seemed so close now suddenly become so far away.

Then you suddenly stop to ask yourself, and then, how to do?

I always remember the first time I sat on a plane to a foreign country, I had 3 months left on my 17 birthday. My mother also told me jokingly said: “it is out now, while there is no way back.” I did not answer her, but repeatedly thought: This is my own decision, but also doomed to my different life trajectory. Whatever it is, it’s your choice.

Five years ago the third, I almost monopolized the examination of the first class, the arts but always only a little higher than the average, so nfl jerseys news I went on my best friend when I all nfl style jerseys want to write a novel, he looked with unbelievable eyes to me, said to me: you go to poetry to memorize it again.

When I was in high school, I was lucky enough to get into the key science class, but I was not a good student in the standard sense. Zaolian, mobile phone, do not wear uniforms, long hair, the teacher could not understand the plot are my shadow, now in retrospect, even some lucky, but I was not completely erase their personality.

Also this year started a diary, the first page copy of the May day “” stubborn lyrics: I am not afraid of tens of thousands of people stop, afraid to surrender their. Then write a sentence: I want to be like Hung Chen.

It seems that I go abroad for a long time, disappeared in the blink of an eye, has experienced 2 multinational land are died, the first one in Melbourne at night listening to the song can not help tears, but the second did not even retain the move, heart is reluctant, but how also can.

I would be grateful if someone would accompany me through this period. After all, when we make a commitment, we are so sincere.

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