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After graduation, some You’re looking nfl jerseys people work from china online not a job and others continue to go to school…… Hope to see this article can give people inspiration, so I hope it can help you in being confused, if you read it after a brief encounter feeling particularly excited, I hope you can cherish this article, think about years later, let’s look at this article, there must be a different feeling……

As the emperor Tang Jun said: I think there are two kinds of people do not compete with others for benefits and value. The first kind of person is just entering the enterprise, the first 5 years, don’t say you can give me a little salary, the most important thing is to learn what in the enterprise, is not conducive to the development of…… ”

People are always from flat in the lessons, the lessons from the ordeal; of lessons learned from the flat light, obtained from the ordeal deep. A person suffering experienced at a young age, if it can be properly considered, out of the darkness, that is a person worthy of admiration. The most important thing is to Lianhaoneigong best period of 5 years after graduation is the train, Lianhaoneigong is likely nfl jerseys online to climb even higher in the future.

In fact, no money, no experience, no experience, no social relations, these are jerseys nfl china for promotion not terrible. No money can be earned through hard work; no experience, can be summed up through the practice of operation; no experience, you can step by step to accumulate; no social relations, you can weave a little bit. However, there is no dream, no idea is the most terrible, it makes people feel fear, want to escape!

There is a Homer’s “Odyssey” in the true saying: “there is no wandering aimlessly more intolerable. “After graduation 5 years of confusion, will cause panic after 10 years, after the struggle of the past 20 years, or even a lifetime of mediocrity. If you can not graduate in the past 5 years as soon as possible out of the confusion, out of the fog, we really have no face after 10 years, after their own in the past 20 years. In the past 5 years, we have a lot of uncertainty and a lot of possibilities.

In the past 5 years, we have a lot to be determined and a lot of decisions.

Who will experience confusion and perplexity, fear and escape, who had, but don’t get confused and puzzled as to give up self, willing to excuse for mediocrity, not to become self pity, frustrated as a sacrifice. Life needs to bear their own destiny, but also need to top quality for cheap nfl jerseys grasp their own destiny. In the past 5 years of graduation, the sooner you find the direction, the sooner you get out of the confusion, the easier it will be to achieve success in your life and create a brilliant future. Headless flies can not find the direction, will be in big trouble; a person can not find a way out, only confusion and fear.

Life in the face of difficulties, we often feel cornered. Don’t be discouraged, continue to believe that young life without end, difficulties in front of hope in the corner. As long as we have the right ideas, we must be able to detours, find a way out!

I find everyone has a common characteristic:

First: focus on doing an industry;

Second: in a company adhere to do a good job for several years;

In the past few years, there are many uncertain factors in our life, feelings and career. This time, we must learn to choose, know how to give up, give yourself a clear positioning, so that their stability. If you do not take the initiative, it will be others and social stereotypes”!

So, or to talk about today’s topic: just graduated, be sure to choose the direction of their career, that is to say what you want to do, want to do what to choose the occupation, to look for a job, a career platform! So, how to choose career direction? I want to tell you is: interest is the first standard! As long as you like to do, as long nfl jerseys free shipping as you like, as long as you can have fun in it, whether or not professional counterparts, no matter what others say, you do! I said if you don’t believe it, I put the words of Confucius moved cheap price for nfl jerseys out: Confucius said: “those who know better than the good, good as happy person. We can be understood as a professional counterpart, but for example, the “good”, “happy””.

If you have some disappointments in your work, believe that you will not be in the trough of your life, and one day you will be able to break through the clouds. The reality is far from what they think. Thus, when the sense of superiority gradually into a sense of loss or even a sense of frustration, when convinced that they are a piece of gold to doubt that he is a grain of sand, anger, confusion, inferiority began to grow. In fact, you should carefully weigh yourself, whether it is gold? Is gold, hand skills, ability to have attractions. In a word: gold is to rely on strength to prove, only to put its own practice ability, are eligible for consideration of bole.

Anyone who does a job is a prerequisite for his ability to do the job. Competent qualified staff is the most basic standard, work hard is an attitude. There are a lot of people can do a job, have the basic ability to do this work, however, can do the work better, it is necessary to see whether to have practical work hard, study work attitude. I think, just graduated a few years.

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