Persistence is nfl jerseys for sale from china not a cause

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Success often tells Persistence is nfl jerseys us that as for sale from china not a cause long as we will succeed. But why insist and how to adhere to, but did not learn to succeed. Many celebrities of inspirational stories, countless times in the topic of how to teach, dozens of years as one day, how to insist on. There is a “bitter to eat bitter, side for the people,” today is very cruel, very cruel tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very good, a lot of people are dead in the next night to see the sun the day after tomorrow”.

He waited three thousand more in hardships, a swallow Wu in a few decades; Lincoln campaign, finally became president. All success stories in the telling of a timeless topic: unremittingly, will succeed.

This truth is known, but not everyone can insist on the way many people give up. People do not want to give up, but there is no way to insist, the process is too painful, or who would not want to succeed?

A reporter once interviewed an old man, why do you live longer. The old man replied that he insisted on running 5 kilometers every morning. The reporter asked, there is also a person like you run nike nfl jerseys top quality every morning, why he only live 45 years old? The old man said: because he insisted on not long enough.

From the point of view of persistence, the old man is right, because he is not enough, so he is not successful. Does he mean it?

Certainly not. So let’s talk about the relationship between success and persistence.

Persistence is a result, but nfl jerseys from china not a cause.

If a man is holding on to something, he must find great pleasure and pleasure from it. Edison invented the light bulb and countless failures had inspirational story once a generation, but his success is not from him so many failures but he still insist, from the exploration process to find a lot of happiness, he did not think he insisted, he just wanted to explore. If one thing can give you positive stimulation, then you are willing to continue to do this, the result is to adhere to the show.

In 1965, a Korean student majoring in psychology at University of Cambridge, a few years later published a doctoral thesis, in fact, the success is not so difficult, opened the secret of perseverance and success. In an interview with these successful people, generally thought that he did not want to look back, when I walked down the road, they also feel fear, imperceptibly actually do so much, if again, many people will be frightened by these huge tasks and difficult to adhere to. To outsiders, nfl jerseys free shipping they are successful because of persistence. But they know that they like to do one thing, and do it when they feel very happy very exciting and has been doing, so it became a stick, then success.

The feeling of happiness is called peak experience

According to modern psychology, human needs can be divided into four levels: physiological needs, emotional needs, rational needs and needs. There are four kinds of power: the power of instinct, the power of emotion, the power of the mind and the power of the mind. Instinct and emotion, both of which are a powerful force for everyone, need not be told. The rational need is to have a great thrill when you try to think of something. Beyond demand is Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of needs in his later years: the need to transcend himself.

Man is not only eager to self realization, but also to surpass himself. If you set a goal, you reach it and show your value, then your value is realized. At this time you want to go up, beyond the self.

Successful people like to climb mountains, they will set a modest goal, they reached, and then very happy, the value has been reflected. But they will not stop, they will challenge again, continue to move forward. At this time another feeling appeared, climbing has become a rich and interesting, full of infinite possibilities, in this process they have self affirmation, self recognition, self affirmation value, which is a pure sense of satisfaction, a pure joy jubilant or emotional experience, is a kind of self-confidence serene and pleasant state of mind.

No fear in this process, because nba jerseys news they do not have to worry about failure, the target was reached. No matter where they are stopped, instead they try once, there is a new pleasure, they enjoy the pleasure.

Look at the broken many Guinness records are also so, they cheap nfl jerseys reached a record, did not stop, on the contrary can achieve a greater breakthrough, because each additional layer of the breakthrough, they will harvest an extraordinary pleasure.

This pleasure is beyond demand. Through the experimental study, psychologists found that many people get addicted to addiction, such as the pleasure of physiological arousal and psychological performance! Because addiction is also a strong sense of satisfaction, and self breakthrough. The difference is that addiction is harmful to the body, has a negative value, and the success of the self breakthrough is to create value, have a positive meaning. It’s easy to understand why successful people like to experience the thrill of transcendence, as well as addiction.

All geniuses are crazy, and so is it. Genius is addicted to his obsession with.

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