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After 90, we are a Have a dream nfl jerseys group of energetic china supply on the road and rebellious pronoun. “Young, nothing can not.” Young, seems to be our after 90 patents. Maybe now we have a frivolous pace towards society. We’re not around the lack of power, nor the lack of hard work ability, lack of, is just a dream heart.

I am young, I have hope, I have a dream.

If the youth like the sun, full of hope, the dream is like the sun continuously, bringing hope to the world, leading us to the light; if the youth is like a dancer, full of spirituality, the dream is like the light dancing, will be smart on the earth, sprinkling; as a result of numerous living beings, dream like music, full of happiness. The dream is like playing the piano, the joy out of Kyushu, to send you my he……

Have a dream on the road, let the dream to fly together with us. Even if the dream seems to be stubborn, but as long as her dream brings us happiness, take her to the sky. In 2009, a collection of old women touched shishuyi Chinese — Li Ling. In order to allow rural children to read the book, she decided to give up the face, pushing a bicycle in the city closed books. When the children scrambled for those books, like the hungry eyes toward the bread, the 80 headmistress will flashed a smile and sadly. She was struggling with a hot heart of the child’s dream, struggling in the countryside and the city…… But who does not give the thumbs up after 80? She announced that cheap nfl jerseys a dream to the world: good 80! And we 90 after it? Where is our way? Perhaps when we are the new heart full of dreams, we will find that at the foot of the road nfl jerseys for sale.

Have a dream on the road, let the dream to illuminate the direction we are moving. The correct direction of life can make us less detours. Dream is like a wind vane, in the crossroads of life will give us the right direction, to illuminate the right way. Obama, the new president of the United States, flashes in the political arena of the world in a unique and decisive style. However, when she was young. Is a gangster like youth, even because of drug rehab! However, when she was 22 years old, he realized, he told his parents: “I want to be president……” Is his dream ridiculous? No This is not ridiculous! Because he has a dream, is a dream to illuminate the way of his life, he is clear the direction of progress. You have a dream, you have a hope. Twenty years later, he got his wish to become a black president after lincoln. Although just took office soon, but with outstanding achievements and extraordinary influence, won the world’s high praise. He has a dream heart, in the light of the way forward, one step after another solid footprints. What about us? What are we going to do? Maybe nfl jerseys free shipping when we let the dream in our hearts, we will find a bright future.

Have a dream on the road, let the dream gives us the courage to live. Even if suffered many setbacks, as long as we have a dream, we will be the same as Lincoln, more and more courage, and ultimately become a strong life, the master of life. In 1816, the family was driven out of the house, and he had to work to support them. In 1832, Senator, but unsuccessful campaign! In 1833, to borrow money from friends to do business, but at the end of the bankruptcy, it took 16 years to pay off the debt. In 1838, a spokesman for the state senator was unsuccessful. In 1840, to become an elector! In 1843, in the election of Parliament – elected! In 1846, he was again elected to congress! In 1848, seeking re-election of members of Congress failed. In 1854, the United States Senate campaign – lost. In 1856, he nfl jerseys news won the nomination for vice president at the Republican National Convention — less than 100 votes. In 1858, the United States Senate re-election – lost again. In 1860, he was elected president of the United states. Zhai Hongsang, a master nfl jerseys free shipping of Sinology, said: “failure is a temporary failure.” This sentence is the most solid proof of the president’s life. Although life is not good, but as long as there is a dream full of heart, we have the courage to live. After 90 of us, if armed with a dream of their own, they will become a leader in the life of the strong 90.

Friends, carries the dream on the road! Have a dream, we will be able to create the miracle of our 90. After we rebel, but we are not Nothing is right. We have a hot heart, a heart that has changed the world, we will make the world crazy for us. Friends, when our children grow up, we can be very proud to say: “although we were born in the 1990s – in twentieth Century, we are young and ignorant in the end, but we created the miracle of twenty-first Century.” Friends, can you do it? I believe you can! Because you and I are both.

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