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Hole dew financial professional people like to college students, buy wholesale Cheap nba jerseys said that the employment prospects of college students are tense, but the hole is a lucky, just graduated from the investment company to work. This company is specialized in the future, at night also need to stare. So, everyone should take turns on the night shift. Some of the girls on the evening class fear, so the company regulations, two people a day on the night shift.

Kong Lu and a group called Le le. Le Le is an old employee of the company, she has been working in this company for many years. Her work experience is very rich, the performance is also very good.

Kong Lu and she arranged to a group, the boss is hoping to teach her more. Dew is just graduated from college students, although the theoretical knowledge is solid, but the lack of working experience. Let her follow Le Le to study together, can let her grow up quickly.

The company’s colleagues are not many, soon it was their turn on the night. At night, the company’s colleagues have gone, Le Le and the hole in his position.

Kong Lu said: “Le Le elder sister, we have to take turns every day night shift, night stay here do not feel afraid?””

Le Le said with a smile, “at the beginning of the time, I feel a little afraid. But for a long time, I just don’t feel so scared. In fact, with the work of the day when there is no two, as long as twelve points to the time, we can leave work.”

Lele smiled and said, “it is best not to easily deal, otherwise, when the loss is too much, but we can not afford to bear this responsibility.”

She was finally in the face of the huge interest. Who knows, things are not what they think, nba jerseys very soon, they buy up the variety is like a straight line down the same. Kong Lu and Le Le immediately silly eye, the hole dew worry of ask: “how can such, still can rise to go up, this how to do?””

Le Le is also silly, she did not think that would be such a result. Her hands began to shake, and she did not think that the outcome would be like this, she said: “how can we explain to the company? We’re all over here.”

Said the frightened, “what shall we do?”” About nfl jerseys

Happy despair, said, “the loss of so much money, we are never going to go,cheap nba jerseys  we will go to jail. This is what all over, we shall die.”

The hole is completely stupid. She didn’t think it would be so serious, it was completely finished. She trembled and said, “that we are not the only one.”

Le Le cried, “I’m sorry! I’m not good.”

Kong Lu said: “this is not my business, is your operation, you have to tell the boss clearly, with his explanation.”

Le Le said: “this is what you agree with, and how can you blame me now?”

She grabbed her bag and said, “I just agree to lend you my account. I’m not saying I’m going to bear the consequences. I’m going to go to my boss tomorrow.”

Lele a sudden panic, she ran to Kong Lu, there is no firm hole dew fell heavily, hit his head on the corner of the table, Lele aghast. She put her hand under the nose of the hole, there is no breath.

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