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I once met a classmate What is your label nfl jerseys to do a test for occupation,fast free shipping please said his art, but he found his city without art work, so they can only sit at home every day in a daze, completely unaware of their own what to do. A lot of students by some social training labels on western style feel especially when graduation, for example, feel particularly suitable for financial journalists; if a label is still a little bit prominent taste, such as investment banking, consulting, business man it seems really kind of occupation breath. Just do a few multiple-choice questions, depending on the seemingly experienced trainers with you to talk a few words, it is determined that you are what kind of person, I am afraid not too fly.

There was a theory about the constellation, is a group of scientists to find a group of people who believe in signs, but also to find a group of people who have never heard of the constellation of such things to do experiments. You test showed the character fit with your sign, and those who haven’t heard about this cheap price for nfl jerseys sign, but completely confused, their personalities are colorful and diverse, with no sign at all fit, which makes scientists panic divination. Also heard, a man always thinks of himself as Leo, has been in accordance with the characteristics of Leo to life, one day he found himself nfl jerseys online actually Aries, immediately messy, do not know how to live. Do not know the true and false story, but it is also an interesting example of a “label”.

Say a little story, had a lot of network media to write a monthly horoscope girl quietly told me: “elder sister, you don’t believe me, these things are even this sign are considered incomplete written by people, an article for 100 dollars, I’ll make a little money, but are you really don’t believe.” It is a southern girl, to the side of my typing chatted about it in the computer, surprised as though I found a big secret like a chuckle.

A lot of people ask me how to make their own positioning to do public relations, but also the positioning of the right. Is it really appropriate? In fact, every industry is forced, but each work can have income. I just heard that there is such a graduation career, listening to the fun will find a company began to practice to do. There is no work is perfect fit, the public relations is the same, there are things I like to do, there are no fun things, how to do? My background is not what this kind of people, which are eligible to pick ah, of course it is done, patience to do. A media write soft writing is too poor, no time to change, I re wrote a climb out, after editing exultation, wrote about my little soft start lianbi. Have owed low royalties top quality for cheap nfl jerseys, there have appeared the customer but find reasons not to give money, have to use all kinds of cosmetics to top account (we once more all not China word products are code words out, often shampoo and conditioner is not clear). At that time, once for 300 dollars a small manuscript changed 8 times, 4000 words of Hongkong Disney introduced, so this did not have been to Hongkong all the garden well. All two forced Gouxue gossip Tucao days, found himself writing skills, find their communication skills, then give birth to a branch to write a blog, to regenerate the branches to do interviews, slowly evolved into books, movies, screenwriter. The year of graduation, according to a very expensive character and occupation test used to do in terms of movie screenwriter writing such a thing, not my character can do.

But, these unexpected experience, let me start to believe that people should believe in their life is colorful, and the source of all this is to rely on their own to try to let oneself go in different directions, eat the nfl jerseys china bitter, bear sin, to dig into their own potential and realize their dream, make our world more and more beautiful.

Now more and more occupation education, especially the occupation training of college students, often just graduated a little friends do not know what time their own good will give you a test, and then tell you your future in what areas should be in full bloom. For children, they spend thousands of training fee is very easy to listen to these things like a time machine, that is good at doing that, once the other was forced to dabble, felt against his own character, not to follow your heart, is it really? Of course not preach you know oneself is wrong, but that, in a person just finished school, it doesn’t know what makes some strange test to decide for what kind of work and life, it is a bit crap.

In fact, people are constantly developing and changing.jerseys nfl china for promotion You have to go and try it yourself, break someone else’s “good domain” “character”, you do not know the potential, will come from all directions to embrace you.

Met a few days ago to work in Shanghai friends Wu Ke, Wu Meinv was a Master game, but the game is not the same as the other place is her love on the logic behind the game designer, to love. After graduating from graduate school, she entered the famous Microsoft Asia Pacific global technical support center, has become a technical support engineer, to help customers solve a variety of complex.

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