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At the University Life has nfl jerseys, a teacher usa from windows no transition talked about his study abroad in germany. The teacher poker-faced said: “in Germany, because there are some problems to adapt to the educational system, some people will stay for 10 years to get a doctorate.” I was surprised to open his mouth: “ah so long ah” for the 20 year old, I said, in the past 10 years, that is not half of life? Inspirational Entrepreneurship

The teacher smiled and said, “why do you feel so long? I said: “when you get a degree to teach or work, are thirty or forty years old?” The teacher said: “even if you do not go to Germany, one day, will top quality for cheap nfl jerseys become” thirty or forty years old “, is not it?” “Yes”. I answered. The teacher paused, then asked: “you have figured out the meaning of this problem?” I did not understand the teacher.

“There is no transition in life, you can nfl jerseys news not wait, in the 10 years in Germany, is also a part of your life!” The teacher said the mood is not sincere words and earnest wishes… Good character signature…

The words of my influence well ingrained for me, very important philosophy of life and values. I was busy for a while, and my friend asked me, “when are you busy?” “When and when should I be busy?” I ask. Missing sentences

For me, being busy is not a transitional phase of my life, but a part of my most precious life. Many people often complain: “too busy, so busy these days later, I must do……” Thus, a part of the precious fragments of life, was sent into a transitional jerseys nfl china for promotion period! “Wait! Next to it! I had to bite my teeth through this transition!” “When these ideas emerge, our life is so left out the part.” “There is no transition, no waiting.” At this time, the teacher’s words will clearly appear in my ear. So, I always try my best to let myself like every stage of life, every life process, because the process itself is life, can not repeat the life.

The head is to use for their own, do not say that the east east, West said that the west. Always use your head to think independently, with their own independent vision to see any problems. Always remember to look at others with appreciation, with appreciation of their own eyes. Only know how to appreciate the view of others, will have a sense of accomplishment, in order to step by step. Funny statement

Third, always tell the truth.

The truth is the most difficult nfl jerseys free shipping and most likely to speak. The truth may sound bad, but it’s the best. Optimistic, unique and telling the truth. Only in this way, life is full of.

Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma in his son’s birthday, he wrote a letter all nfl style jerseys to email, told him that life must know three things. DJ hi hi network

First, always optimistic view of the world. Motivational English

In this society, you will be depressed, will be painful, will be depressed. Not only do you think so, the human society for thousands of years, almost everyone has been depressed, everyone is suffering, everyone is sad. But human society is always a generation more than a generation. No matter what happens, believe that tomorrow will be better

Second, always think with your head.

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