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I put the fiftieth Repetition is nfl jerseys issue of the supply factory strength outline of the outline to the reporter, the reporter emotion: actually have done a period of 50……” Emotion is justified: the interviewee could not find the anxiety, hard work, complete overnight to catch the release and get the approval of the layout of readers joy, each issue is not easy, every stage is the cycle of “repeat”.

“50” on the weekly mean integer numbers for a year, the Financial Weekly has a year cycle of operation. Inspirational Songs

Suddenly feeling, repetition is actually a kind of strength. The newspaper again “repeat” the achievements of his personal influence, and again the “repeat” to enhance their ability to find their own world. Although cheap nfl jerseys the process is painful and difficult, but the “repeat” behind the strong belief of continuous hard work, peace of mind is neither too fast nor too slow.

Interest in research. Check the nike nfl jerseys power of repetition, someone joked that when you tell a woman that you are actually one thousand times, she is really as an understanding wife and loving mother “became as an understanding wife and loving mother. Goebbels said: “the lie repeated one thousand times becomes the truth.” If the truth is repeated one thousand times, it may become a belief. Of course, these are things that stay at the cognitive level. College students inspirational

At the level of action, there is a prerequisite for effective repetition, that is, to find their own world, repeated efforts in their own world. A friend, a famous music web site, the national ten (website) one of the webmaster, was very famous in the industry nfl jerseys free shipping. He said she had a sudden one day, that only the Internet is your world, then, a man with a music website, a few years as one day repeating the same thing, finally “fortune”. You know, at first, he was just a wire erection work having not a single copper. Mao Zedong Quotes

I still remember that when I was practicing the ten thousand meter race in college, every lap was repeated, and each action was repeated. The deepest experience is the last two thousand meters, physical consumption has been great, in the thought, how can I hold to the end. Think again, “victory”, he is on the machine, just repeating the coaching action, learned to forget you, forget yourself there is no strength, can not hold to the end. At this time, repetition becomes a kind of inertia, a force. The result of it is often a sense of accomplishment after suffering.

“A journey” in this book, Bill Ewen is described as the acquired blind, but his blind heart is not blind, but determined to walk the entire Appalachian Trail, do normal people do not necessarily do, in his walk nike nfl jerseys top quality at the same time, and therefore have a deeper understanding of their own and the faith the heart has been growing. Some people, in the nba jerseys news way of life, although there is a pair of good eyes, but also do not see what the “road” is to “go”, must use the “eye”, “heart” to experience; and we go in this way of life, must open their eyes, heart to experience, do not miss the scenery, because we only take a chance.

(Wang Zhu) there are many drugs in the world, Chinese medicine, western medicine, there is no regret medicine”. So, to grasp today, do not eat regret medicine”. Because, on the road of life, we only have one chance.

Two, out of fear, out of the box, quick success

“Change your mind, you can change the world” thinking outside the box, the natural world wide. Finish line will only trap myself out of the box, only to see their own potential.

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