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Tell me a story of my No honed over the for sale own experience. I’ve cheap women jerseys pride only strength had two interns. At the same time into the company, a prestigious graduate, outstanding achievements, former vice president of the student union, called Xiao Yang; another ordinary undergraduate graduation, work carefully calm, called kobayashi. Yang head clever, love the limelight rash and too much in haste. One time to do a project, I let the team work together to deal with the division, she jumped out of their own can be a person, so that everyone with her.

Meeting the scene she said so directly, I was a bit embarrassed, but she can not stand a cavity enthusiasm, I would also like to look at her potential, and promised. When the work report made in a complete mess, there are several logic errors, explanation, inaccurate data. And that day our boss in the Asia Pacific region to the company inspection, just to see us in the meeting came to sit on the spot to point out these problems. Xiao Yang scene blushed and I help her things quickly. Later, I re assigned to the work of the team, so that Kobayashi is responsible for data collection and analysis. I found out later, don’t see Kobayashi usually silent, but the work is very careful. For example, every data will go to textual sources, and marked in PPT, so I doubt you can access at any time; for I cite the jerseys different women size problem, she will be from two to three different angles to answer and explanation, although some perspective is not accurate, but at least let me see she is thinking the. These are usually in the work, I inadvertently and the team explained the key points, Yang did not remember, but Kobayashi remember.

Later, I slowly found that nfl jerseys for sale Xiao Yang and Kobayashi character, can represent a large part of the new workplace. A person, dare to think, dare to do, dare say, than many 70, 80, they are a powerful and unconstrained style creative and unfettered ideas to break the normal procedure, open the door to the new world. Another person, quiet, ignorant, like the recent fire in a TV series “Ode to joy” in the relevant work, too observant of conventional standards. Many times people praise the first kind of people, but I think it is precisely the second kinds of talent is to maintain the normal operation of a company and the backbone of society.

A business run by the enthusiasm and not out of place, but by the rules. This is hidden in your daily work, all aspects of the subtle impact on you. To the smallest, the project has the rules of the project, the Department has the rules of the Department, to the big said, the company has the rules of the company, the industry has the rules of the industry. Each rule is a mold, just out of the community you are a cup of water. Whether you are ordinary tap water or high force of Evian water, we initially enter is the same mold, than who is faster and better adapt to the mold and then promoted to the next die, rather than how to break the mold.

When a new job on the job, the first thought should not be “how can I change the world”, but “how can I first understand the world?””.

Only adapt to the rules, to understand the rules;

Only by understanding the rules can we find out the shortcomings of the rules;

And when you understand the shortcomings of the rules, will think of how to break the rules, and even create new rules;

This process is you hone your process. No one is born omniscient and omnipotent, even if you are very smart in school certificate to get soft, after go to the society is still white. Because of school rules, and workplace rules, totallydifferent.

We extol Jobs changed the world, but most people do not know in the creation of jerseys different women color legend before he was kicked out of the company, having experienced the low tide, it is this a series of experiences allow him to face the new market, gradually reflect, finally rallied, brought apple “glorious ten years”.

Jobs is not a genius, his sharp enough light? Without doubt。 But he said: “I’m the only person I know who has lost $250 million in a year, which is very helpful to me.

Chinese said to have accumulated accumulate steadily, and the outbreak of. Whether you are gifted or ordinary, please temper themselves, adapt to the rules. This article is chicken soup, and finally three.

1 if you have smart ability,nba jerseys news  put your hand to do the work assigned.

If your job is to write a research report, then ask the purpose of the report, all the data involved in repeated assessment confirmed that information sources clearly marked, neat layout format; if you make arrangements to receive customers, understand customer schedule, personal preferences, habits, even the best customer is home where are you going to find out. These are the little things in the work, you are so clever, do the little things. The boss is not a blind man, not a fool, do not dare to give you a small thing to do big things.

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