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After 22 years of Oscar The boy took nfl jerseys china with little to get gifts succeed plum run, finally got the highest honor in the film and television industry — Oscar Oscar. As a fan of Jack’s and Ross’s love, I also feel happy for him.

Of course, as a mother, I would like to tell his story to the children, so that children understand these points:

1, high starting point does not mean success.

Liz Leonardo’s starting point is not high, the 16 year old debut fame at the age of 19, starred in “the sky is not the same” won the Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. The speed of this famous actor, that year to catch up, but 22 years later, Oscar, and many famous actors have been late to catch up from behind.

This is like a lot of children although born clever, or family conditions are good, but not necessarily more successful than other children. Little plum worked hard for 22 years to wait for Oscar, not to mention those nike nfl jerseys who do not work hard?

2, beautiful is not a guarantee of success.

Many years ago a “Titanic”, let the people of the world remember the handsome all nfl style jerseys Jack, Liz is the universal lover, but “Titanic” won the 11 Oscar nominations, but missed the best actor”. Never look at the face award winner Oscar.

Many children have been praised by the beautiful and lovely, handsome boys and beautiful girls are more likely to be sought after and favor. Many children will be so pleased with oneself, thought but charming appearance, a cut above others, not successful capital, real life on the battlefield, every child will not be fooled by the vanity of vanity, and forget to practice their own inner.

3, as long as you work hard, success may be late, but never absent.

22 years of Oscar in the long run, with 5 nominations, Liz become the media in “dirty”, “never born, always” passing “forever”, was applauded for his tears, “but no one can ignore his efforts!

In his career, he had not selected from the movie, he makes fat, neuropathy, unable to play, with snow beast battled iceberg. From a juvenile emotional flower to today’s middle-aged uncle, he may be a little bit of luck, but he never lacks diligently.

Every parent should tell the child, do not be afraid to pay no return, to try to run toward their own goals, until you are ready, that luck will come!

4, the results can prove ability, but the important thing is the process.

From the small plum Oscar Award nomination for the first time has been more than twenty years, during this period, he received numerous awards, this time, “wild Hunter” success finally made him a best actor Oscar, which is a testament to his ability, but this is not the end point, is not the only meaning.

In the past twenty years, he created numerous classic image, “” unpunished, “Inception”, “rescued ginger Ge”, “the wolf of Wall Street”, “revolutionary road”, “the great Gatsby”…… Every movie is a struggle history. Mike eventually became a great actor,jerseys china nfl factory not because he won the best actor Oscar, but nfl jerseys online because he made so many wonderful movies for us.

The growth of the children too, primary school, middle school and high school, each stage has different results, but the achievement is not the most important, is important for children to harvest in the process of learning what is to develop a good habit of learning, is not to grasp the new knowledge, is not to win the buddy’s identity, is not the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.

Achievement is not the key, the results are not end point, no child can lie in the laurels, only the continuous efforts, and constantly create new achievements, to success.

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