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Travel back and Don’t blame nfl jerseys supply forth more than wholesale center the reality ten hours by car, really boring, then pulls out some old movies. See the “table of you”, see “that year a hurry, is the story of youth, two people are in love, that will eventually break up rather baffling enduring as the universe. All these reasons to push the film reality, no way, so ah, in the face of strong reality, how can not shake the earth trembled and the mountains swayed love will become cannot withstand a single blow.

The reason is reasonable, but let the people speechless. Whether it is love or dream, or whatever, when it lost a rather baffling, “reality”, everything will have pity to explain. Not only the film, life, such examples abound.

Small A friends after graduation a North drift, she is full of imagination of flowers cheap women jerseys blooming like a piece of brocade in the future, she will have unlimited potential in the city, looking for a warm and considerate to understand her love for her good man to spend the rest of my life, but also on their own ability and cleverness and hard work to become the golden goddess of workplace. Love the cause of double harvest, this life, it is interesting, she diligently strive after.

In the boundless to the city, she lived in the basement, aged no sunlight, have work overtime into the night, did not dare to go home alone in the office, on a night. With many eyes, to have a lot of criticism by colleagues crowding, led by suppressing. However, no matter how hard life, when I look at micro-blog, are filled with high morale, she is like a soldier, had charge into the enemy ranks in the city, hard and jerseys nfl china for promotion strong.

This small A, really make people happy, whenever I doubt it for the future, I will go to her micro-blog power. I feel like she is such a girl, will realize their dreams, but even if they can’t walk in the way of your dreams, life is everywhere is to shade.

But some time ago, the small A suddenly don’t update micro-blog, WeChat to contact her, just know, she want to get married. Wow, she finally found the heart of the male god? Just grin to happy for her a story behind the play I immediately be taken by surprise.

She said she was going to marry the man, is a middle-aged man, she did not love him, he will not love her, just feel her youth and beauty, life can fill the vacancy, take out not to lose face.

I was shocked, asked little A, since not love, why want to marry? Why so wronged themselves? A said, no way, this is the reality, I can not stay, I want to find a shoulder to rely on. Nowadays the shoulder so hard to find, let alone understand her warm intimate love her, even a man a decent are scarce. She has no money, no power, no house no car, looks are not the goddess, in both sexes on the market, there is no advantage of what, on the other half of the requirement is reduced and then decreased, finally, it decreases to as long as someone is willing to marry her to marry the point.

And small A chat, I feel I feel I am not myself., is a defeated by the reality of people, reality, is it really so terrible?

It seems to quite scary, like small V friends, love of painting, try to magazines at the University, also have on the illustration of some magazines. It made her dream like a bubble of steamed bread. In fact, her dream is very simple, is to become an illustrator, draw many beautiful illustrations, earn enough to make their own money to live a good life.

After graduation, everyone under the scorching sun, like a dog pricked up nose, everywhere looking for a job, but she shut herself in the rented room, kept painting, painting incessantly. Then we all envy her, she is admired for their dreams and efforts, most top quality for cheap nfl jerseys of us, even to do not know where to start, at least, her goal is clear.

In those years nfl jerseys news, she really had a hard time, illustration of the income was not enough to maintain daily life, often rely on the help of friends, but also hard to keep the family, each call, to invent your own office in a bright scenery. Her anxiety, insomnia, acne, hair loss, and does not stop with hope.

We all feel so hard and small V, will become an excellent illustrator, she could achieve success and win recognition, we roll the people still in the dust.

But two years later, the small V suddenly announced that she would not paint, paint did not imagine so beautiful, this road is very difficult to walk, thorny, has stabbed her scarred. She needs to live, she needs money, she needs to have a bright day, so she decided to go out to work, do a hard-working small white-collar workers, although not able to build up the family fortunes, somehow self-reliance.

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