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Many people are Does not hit 2016 discount not optimistic nfl jerseys not succeed about the road, go, is enough to drown you in Never will there be days of peace., spittle, there is one called “don’t bump south wall does not return”. This wall is very terrible, although invisible, but there are too many people fear it might just take a step back quickly, or turn back.

So, too many people in their lives, only on the ground of heart, fantasy world outside the wall, at present, expect the unknown.

In fact, the wall for artificial, can make people? Even if it is really hit the wall, turn around, perhaps because there is nothing beyond the wall must have something.

A strong heart, invincible. I have a goal, more then great hardships and dangers can end the dreamer, faith.

The old man digging more than the Tang Xuanzang westbound stop, eat much bitter? But after all dreams come true. The wise old man taunt, demon persecution if the wall, I’m afraid could not change the iron bastions, old and weak iron will.

Edison looked for the filament, and Mrs Curie discovered radium. Every failure, the wall will be thicker, a thousand times down, how strong? It is nfl jerseys online not a little body with faith cheap price for nfl jerseys refuse to be cowed or submit destroyed?

Or a man speaks in place: nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it.

Unfortunately, such people were once derided as reckless, arrogant.

In the name of reason under the guise of indecisive, shrewd calculation result, this is the best way to fear, away from the south wall of the south wall of people. Safety is safe, but the only remaining fatigue life.

The pain did not hit the south wall, there is no vitality have indomitable sway; they do not bleed, no bloody.

They do not know: hit the south wall pain for a while, do not hit the south wall pain I.

If the wall back, said that something terrible is, the tortoise, life did not dare to struggle, to live one hundred years also do not have what meaning.

Of every hue of the south wall, in the face of the strong, will only delay the time to reach the distance to the destination, will not change the results. Wall, and did not imagine the solid, hit a few times, it fell.

Are students can take walks along the cliff? Pearl in the deep sea, and helplessly watch.

Well, never succeed!

In September 1991, HUAWEI hired the Shenzhen Baoan County village of oyster industry Arts crafts emporium, started to develop SPC. Initially, the company employs more than 50 people.

At that time, HUAWEI is not only the production workshop, warehouse, but also the kitchen and bedroom. A dozen beds lined up against a wall, the bed is not enough, with foam board and mattress instead.

All the people live in it, whether leadership or staff do tired to sleep, wake up nike nfl jerseys top quality and then dry. This is also the common startup scene, but later in HUAWEI became a tradition called “mattress culture”, until HUAWEI ocean sea direct competition with foreign companies, HUAWEI employees will be up to spread in Europe, foreign buddy was all praise.

December 1991, the first batch of 3 BH – 03 switch packaging and delivery. At that nfl jerseys supply time the company has no cash, and then do not ship, directly facing bankruptcy. Fortunately, the three switches quickly return to normal operation, the company.

In 1992, HUAWEI entered the mass market exchange, the output value reached 120 million yuan, profits of tens of millions, while HUAWEI employees, only 100 people. This growth rate, the response speed of Shenzhen slogan, and this event only belongs to that era.

HUAWEI is like a horse from the Shenzhen wolf jumped into the industry’s stride forward singing militant songs.

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