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Before 1880s, the Believe in wholesale French infant mortality nfl cheap jerseys your own miracle rate is very high, an average of 5 newborn babies have died in a crawl before, and those preterm and low birthweight babies, the mortality rate is higher, 75% of these newborns because of hypothermia, will die within a few weeks, full of expectations, for is helpless grief of parting, which makes many young parents pain.

Stephen Tani is a young doctor in Paris maternity hospital, the hospital is to provide hospitalized medical services for poor women living in the city, the hospital belong to the poor and vulnerable at the time of the French “second-class hospital”, both in hardware and software technology, can with the French class grand the hospital was also comparable, but only the house a very shallow “second nfl jerseys free shipping doctor qualification”.

But compared with colleagues indifferent and was quite good and muddle along, “ambitious”, every time I see the premature death of the newborn, he is very sad and guilty, think of myself as a doctor, do not have to do to protect the baby’s responsibility. In fact, this is a global problem, by the time the whole medical level, generally occurred in any hospital, not what personal relationship with him.

Strong sense of responsibility so he can be determined to overcome this “only large hospitals, medical doctor who is likely to overcome the problem, save the newborn premature infants. His ambition was once used as colleagues joke, “because it is too presumptuous nba jerseys news“. But he can always believe that one day can be achieved, and will be in the heart of the matter on the moment.

One winter day in 1978, he took his 3 year old daughter to the Paris zoo, when he walked in the animal when accidentally discovered some chick incubator, looking at the newly hatched chicks, to stay warm and comfortable when alive and kicking the incubator, he suddenly flashes, excited feel, find a “key to rescue the premature neonates”.

A few days later, he will be the Paris zoo’s poultry. Audi Martin, please come over, ask him to help you create a “big chicken incubator”, and named it as “baby incubator”. In order to ensure the safety of the insulation box does not take the electric cheap nfl jerseys heating, but through the outer layer in the continuous injection of hot water, to maintain a constant temperature inside, to ensure that in preterm neonates which can always live in a warm and comfortable environment, not killed because the temperature continued to decline.

Later, Tani persuaded some premature newborn parents, and asked them to children into the “baby incubator”. A year later, there were 500 premature infants in Tani’s “baby incubator”, all of a sudden the mortality rate from 75% dropped to 32%!

This result, let was excited, he began lobbying the Paris municipal government requirements, to promote his new invention, the latter was finally moving. 2 years later, the Paris municipal government asked the Paris maternity hospital should be equipped with the “baby incubator”, 3 years later, he’s “baby incubator” in France and later spread to the whole world.

The “baby incubator” has a very important value to save and protect the health of infants, premature infants to countless “miracles”, its role more than any invention in nineteenth Century. He was discount nfl jerseys praised as “the Savior of the premature”.

Today, the improved “baby incubator” also added oxygen assisted and other advanced features, premature family don’t have to worry about losing a child.

Anyone can have a dream, who can have the ambition, not because of its ordinary and secular laugh and give up the dream, do a heart, stick to it, you may be the next miracle “Stephen montagnier”!

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