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After graduating from Welch recommended 2016 wholesale college, Jack nba jerseys list Welch entered the Ge Corp, he first worked in the plastics division, because of outstanding performance, and soon became general manager of the Department of chemistry and metallurgy.

In 1980, general CEO Reggie Jones was ready to pick his successor, the Ministry of personnel to provide him with a list of 96 candidates, after screening, Reggie Jones out of 78 people, the number will be reduced to 18 people, including Jack Welch. Reggie Jones call them into the conference room, seated, Reggie Jones made a pen and paper to each person said: “if I’ll retire now, who do you think is best for my job? I’ll ask each of you to write 3 of the right candidates!” In a moment, we put the list submitted, Reggie Jones turned quickly, there is a list of three attracted his attention, the name of the above actually all is “Jack Welch”, Reggie Jones raised the list and asked: “who wrote this?”

“I wrote it.” Jack Welch stood up and said.

“Why are three names all yours?” Reggie Jones asked.

“I think I am the most suitable person, I may be wrong, but in fact I don’t know enough about each person, but I do know enough about myself, but I have enthusiasm nba jerseys Free Shipping for work, and the work of wisdom, and I have a sense of responsibility, so I choose in addition to myself, really do not want to choose someone else.” Jack Welch answered earnestly.

Voice down, other candidates nfl cheap jerseys showed a contemptuous smile, you know, at the time of the 44 year old Jack Weir is the candidate wizards, the youngest, most people think also did not want to become the successor, but at that moment, Reggie Jones’s heart has a person, he is Jack Welch! Soon after, Reggie Jones announced that the General Electric to Jack Welch, which caused an uproar and questioned, even against the said: “he recommended himself, what he believed?”

“By his recommendation, the reason is very simple, without a substantial strength and courage, is not recommended himself, and his confidence and courage to let me see his determination and ability, so I chose him!” Reggie Jones replies to every question.

Reggie Jones is right to say that Jack Welch is a capable confident person, after becoming eighth of Ge CEO, just 20 years, he will be the market value of the company from $13 billion to $480 billion, profitability ranked first, has become a world-class company the second largest in the world, and he also known as the “most respected” CEO “the world’s first” CEO “in contemporary America’s most successful greatest entrepreneur”!

Whether working or learning, we always think oneself is a recommended embarrassing thing, is thick skinned, so even if we have the ability to have the opportunity to choose to refuse is also willing to own modesty, in fact we can like Jack Welch boldly write down three to recommend their own name, because of excessive modesty does not mean to give away the opportunity, it is in the future and buried his talent.

5 years after the end of the work of the government, Bill began to slowly close to the business, he applied to a company to business and skilled business skills, because of outstanding performance, two years later, the company intends to pay out so he served as jerseys factory nba supply deputy general manager, but Bill has resigned, he realized he was when formally to their own ideals take a step, then, he opened his own love trading company, at this time, Bill is a 35 year old middle-aged people.

Because of Bill’s preparatory work is sufficient, in the next business operation, he can almost take into account every detail, all can deal with a qualified businessman should be able to cope with, and can smell all kinds of business opportunities, avoid all nfl jerseys news kinds of legal disputes, before he learned every bit of knowledge and do every step to prepare all, after him in the business activities play a negligible role, the smooth progress of abnormal business.

It is for this reason, in the short period of 25 years, Bill’s company from the initial $200 thousand of assets into a $20 billion now, I have become a myth of the United States business circles.

For the success of Bill, 2011 Nobel laureate Thomas Sargent once in a book in this comment: “anxious in many cases is often More haste, less speed., and push the appropriate far ideal back but a best way to prepare for life, Bill owned and rely on, is the unique wisdom!”

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