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Pu Kanghuan is an There is nfl jerseys china employee of the Samsung free shipping death to victory Corp, responsible for inspection work in the Samsung mobile phone production line, despite the monotonous work, but he liked to do a Samsung employee proud. Park’s family like Samsung mobile phone, he owns two phones. Every night, in their own small bedroom, there are several mobile phone charging, for this reason, Pu Kanghuan also specifically added two charging socket.

One night, park Kanghuan drink back, but also how can’t sleep, flustered, confused.

Charging the phone, issued a dazzling ray of light, clear out, stimulating the brain and nerves. He sat up angrily and pulled out the charger. One night, he was angry at the stinging light.

Pu Kanghuan after an investigation and found that almost all of the Samsung mobile phone, will be issued in the charge of the dazzling ray of light. To this end, he specifically visited the design department, the conclusion is: no one cares about how strong the charge light, no tension.

How could this nfl jerseys from china not be a problem? Portsmouth Kanghuan collected relevant evidence, their ideas and creativity to the design department, in the program, he proposed “sleep light” idea, but 3 nfl jerseys free shipping months later, did not get any reply.

Pu Kanghuan did not lose heart, he angrily sent all his ideas to the president’s e-mail, Samsung, the president’s e-mail is open.

One afternoon a week later, Pu Kanghuan received a phone call from the supervisor asking him to meet at the first meeting room at around 3.

He just went to the meeting room All seats are occupied., president took the lead to stand up and applaud him.

“Your ideas have changed an era.” The president held his hands tightly.

“No one cares about charging this tiny link, and the park noticed, the light is very important, our design department is neglected, the light is not good, will cause people’s anger, blinking lights, more people will cause insomnia.” The president waved a big hand.

A little discovery, even caused a big change on the mobile phone charging lights, after Samsung, Lenovo, millet competing in charge light on an effort to make the light of humanity, is beneficial for sleep.

No longer ignore a little light, sometimes, from fatal to winning, only one step away.

Bill’s business ambitions from his father, his father Gunda years has not been what remarkable achievements in business. Influenced by his father, Bill grew up to be a successful businessman, not to mention his father that his work smart decisively, dares to innovate, is business talents, it has encouraged Bill to read the economic or business university.

Let the father did not expect that, after graduating from high school in Bill, but came to Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study the most basic engineering of the most common mechanical manufacturing. Bill’s father angrily accused Bill said: “you nba jerseys news must have forgotten their own ideals, you know, you don’t want to be a good worker, but as a successful businessman, why nike nfl jerseys top quality don’t you read the business, but to learn machinery manufacturing? You are not close to the ideal, it is clear that the ideal pushed farther!”

Bill did not agree with his father’s views, he felt a little farther to the appropriate ideal is correct, because industrial commodities accounted for the absolute majority in business, if you do not have the engineering knowledge, can not understand all aspects of product performance, manufacturing and other conditions, the future is very difficult to take advantage in business moreover, learning is not only to enhance industrial engineering skills, but also help build a rigorous and realistic thinking ability, cultivate a down-to-earth attitude, these qualities are not lack of business.

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