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A man to buy Eight funny little nfl jerseys a car, need 100 from china online is very deep thousand yuan, but the man took only a cash of $99998, on the difference of $2! Suddenly, he found a beggar at the door. He said to the beggar, “please, give me 2 yuan, I want to buy a car!” After listening to the beggar, generously took out 4 yuan to the man, said: “help me to buy a car.”

Yami: if you complete the task more than 90%, so anyone can be an easy job to do to help you succeed, on the contrary, you don’t do what God will save you.

Professional counterparts

The manager said: “this guy Genes is hopeless! He dozed off all day, and I changed three jobs, but he still didn’t change his habits. Let him go and sell his pajamas. Hang a billboard on him: high quality pajamas, demonstration on the spot.” The boss said.

Yami: workplace useless cheap nfl jerseys people, only with the wrong people.

Sleeping pill

Yan Rong haggard patient said to the doctor: “dogs barking all night jerseys factory nfl supply outside my window endlessly, it drives me crazy!” The doctor prescribed sleeping pills for him. A week later, the patient came back and looked more tired than last time. The doctor asked: “sleeping pills invalid?” The patients in the Blues: “I went after the dog every night, but even managed to catch one, it also refused to take sleeping pills.”

Yami: any failure to trace it, there is a wrong direction.

Doctor and fisherman

One day, a doctor to enjoy the scenery by boat, on board the ship, the doctor asked the fisherman: “you will be living?” “No,” said the doctor, “your life is going to lose 1/4.” After a while, the doctor asked, “do you know philosophy?” The fisherman will not. The doctor said, “your life is going to lose 1/4.” After a while, the doctor asked: “you will science?” The fisherman would not, and at that moment, the wind was blowing, and a huge wave was coming. The fisherman asked the doctor, “can you swim?” Dr. no, fisherman said: “that your life is over!”

Yami: not afraid of ten, afraid of a vast. In the workplace, sometimes as long as the master a skill you can sleep without any anxiety.

be perfectly matched

A woman for her with a precious antique is so proud that she decides to have her bedroom painted the same color and antique vase. Several painters try to match the shade, but who did not make the eccentric woman satisfied. Finally, a painter, he was confident that the color can be transferred. The woman was very pleased with his results. “Dad,” said the son, “there is one thing I have to figure out. How do you make the walls of the vase so perfect?” “Son,” replied the father, “I painted the vase.”

Yami: some things it is not what you do, but how to think.


A chairman summoned the company of young staff, said: “I have not married daughters, each daughter had a dowry reserve: thirty year old daughter is $twenty thousand; thirty-five year old daughter is $one hundred thousand; forty year old daughter is $three hundred thousand. I’m not going to let anyone who marries them suffer.” A clerk stood up and asked: “president, do jerseys nfl Free Shipping you have the 50 year old daughter?”

Yami: sometimes nfl jerseys online, attention is paid to the employee salary itself, rather than additional benefits.

Minimum consumption

Go to dinner with a few friends. Ready to order, the waiter said: here the lowest consumption of 2000 yuan!” A friend asked: “how much money Sauteed Tofu, Home Style for another one?” “18 yuan.” “Well, that’s it. Here’s 120!” Out of service. A hotel manager came in, smiled and said: “you are free, how much money, no limit!”

Yami: to break the normal procedure, will use unconventional means to.


“Get rid of the blues,” the psychiatrist told the patient. “Let the passion fill your daily life, get up and go to work. In a word, do everything enthusiastically.” A week later, the patient returned, looking more melancholy than ever before, and the doctor asked him if he had followed the doctor’s advice. “This is the problem,” the patient answered, “I enthusiastically get up, eat, and then his wife goodbye, so I work two hours late, fired.”

Yami: if you put all the things to the average time of a day, then you will only be bartering.

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