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He went bankrupt The last wholesale, everything is price cheap nfl jerseys dollar about the auction. Now a dollar in his pocket and a ticket home are all his assets. The 143 train from Shenzhen out of the ticket, he began to have mixed feelings. “Good bye! Shenzhen.” A word of farewell, has not yet said, had tears.

“I can’t go on like this.” The moment the door in the cross on his back. The train has gone, he left the platform, in the pocket quietly into the ticket.

The station in Shenzhen is so busy that you can hear seven or eight different dialects at the same time: he holds the coin in his pocket and comes to the door of a shop. 5 cents bought a children’s crayons, packing box 5 cents to buy 4 only “Hongta mountain”.

At the train station exit, he held up a sign reading “rental Chazhan licensing (one)” a few words. That night he ate a bowl of beef noodles in California, 18 yuan left in his pocket. 5 months later, “Chazhan licensing” by the 4 box development for the welcome card made of 40 steel with adjustable “”. There was a rented nfl jerseys china house near the train station, and he had a helping hand.

Shenzhen in March, around the strawberry stampede in bright spring days. 10 yuan a pound of strawberries, the first day can not afford to sell, can only sell for $second on the 5 day, no one will be on the third day. When he came to a farm on the outskirts, renting “welcome” brand to earn ten thousand yuan, bought cheap nfl jerseys 30 thousand pots. The spring of the second year, when someone picked strawberries into the city, he also entered the town of strawberry. Less than half a month, 30 thousand pots of strawberries sold out, Shenzhen people for the first time to eat the real fresh strawberries, he also had a taste of the first ten thousand yuan into a taste of $300 thousand.

This kind of flowerpot strawberry, let him have his own company. He began to trade. He whimsically the negotiation set in place five star hotel lobby, where the environment is elegant and free of charge. Two cups of coffee, a piece of music, and he was refined and courteous lady, no one knows the secret and he is excited, and the United States Nike shoe company successfully signed trade contracts and dance for joy. All in all, his career began to recover, and he had a sense of self.

In 1995, the Shenzhen Customs auction of a number of unclaimed goods, there are ten thousand left foot Nike shoes, no one bid, he was the only bidder, at a low auction price to buy it. In 1996, Shekou customs has been stored for a year without the main goods – ten thousand is right Nike shoes anxious to handle. He heard the news, the price of vintage to defective out of customs.

The tax free trade, so that he as a business wizards leapt to the Hongkong business week cover. Now he has become 13 American clothing company Asia agent, is getting into a street of Shenzhen pedestrian street, this street for 12 of his shop.

One yuan can build a street, but many people think that a dollar can only buy a glass of water. Perhaps it is this understanding of the difference between the world’s rich and beggars.

Freshen up good jerseys nfl online, go out. The weather is really cold, the snow all over the sky, a vast expanse of heaven and earth. The bus station I kept stomping. It was dark, I was standing next to two old grey-haired. I listen to the old man said to the old lady: “you see you did not sleep well all night, a few hours ago began to urge me, and now so long.”

Yeah, it’s only five minutes before the first bus. Finally the car came, I got on the bus. Driving is a very young boy, he and I got on the bus was rumbling drove off. I said: “Hey, driver, there are two elderly people, the weather is so cold, people have been waiting for a long time, how do you wait for them to get on the car?”

The young man said nfl jerseys news, “it doesn’t matter. It’s my mom and dad! Today is my first day to open the bus, they came to see me!”

I suddenly cried – I saw my father sent a short message: “daughter, mother said, she is not good, she has not slept well, very early to wake up, worried that you will be late.”

Suddenly remembered a Jewish proverb:

When the father gave his son something, he smiled.

The father cried when his son gave him something.

After watching, remember to be a filial child. In this life, can let you owe too much, and not only the parents, do not complain about their parents nagging…… Forgive them, thank them, care for them!

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