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A cruise ship The father gave in distress, a couple buy cheap nfl jerseys from china finally came to the boat before the boat left a seat, then the man woman behind, he jumped into the lifeboat. The woman stood on the sinking ship and shouted a word to the man……

Here, the teacher asked the students: “you guess, women will shout what?”

The students were furious, saying “I hate you”, “I was blind”……

At this time the teacher noticed that a student has not been speaking, asked him questions, the student said: “teacher, I think women will shout – take care of our children!”

The teacher was surprised and asked, “have you heard the story?” The student shook his head, “no, but my mother said that to my father before he died!” The teacher said with emotion: “correct answer. Now, listen to me, tell me the story.”

When the ship sank, the nfl jerseys from china man returned home to bring his daughter alone. Many years later, the man died, daughter finishing possessions, found the father’s diary. It turned out that his father and mother on a cruise ship, the mother has been suffering from a terminal illness. At the critical moment, the father rushed jerseys different nfl color to the only life, he wrote in his diary: “I want to sink into the seabed with you, but I can not. For a daughter, I can only give you a person buried in the deep sea……”

The story is finished, the classroom is silent, the teacher knows, the students have understood the story: the good and evil in the world, sometimes complicated, difficult to distinguish, so please do not easily judge.

Proposal: lost a child to a family life now, a proposed amendment to the criminal law of users, trafficking in women and children should be put to death. The household registration, the children will be collected on account of the fingerprint into the computer, to ensure that the stolen home and can not be found in time.

Story two

There is such a son, he is a wealthy, old mother, teeth broken, so he drove to a mother, a dental clinic, the doctor started selling their dentures, mother to the cheapest kind. The doctor is unwilling to give up, he watched the wealthy son, while patiently for their good and bad teeth of different tooth essence.

But the doctor was very disappointing is that this is the son of a wealthy but completely indifferent, just call his cigar, simply ignore him. The doctor gave the mother, agreed to her request. At this time, the mother long pulled out a bag from his pocket, a layer of open, come up with the money to pay a deposit, after a week of preparing a.

After two people, the people at the clinic began to criticize the wealthy son, said he is the finest in smart clothes, smoking cigars, but not willing to spend money to set a good mother. They don’t want the wealthy son filled with righteous indignation, again, he said: “doctor, I trouble you for the mother with the best KaoCiYa, cost me out, it doesn’t matter how much money. But you mustn’t tell her the truth. My mother is a thrifty man. I don’t want to make her unhappy.

Story three

When I go Wholesale jerseys nfl authentic to bed at 11 at night, outside the window under the snow. I shrank into the quilt, picked up the alarm clock and found the alarm clock stopped. It’s so cold, I don’t want to get up again. I made a long distance call to my mother:

“Mom, my alarm clock didn’t battery, tomorrow will go to a meeting, you should as soon as possible, six points when I wake me up to a phone.”

Mom’s voice in the other end is a bit dumb. She may have gone to bed.”

When the phone nba jerseys news rang, I was having a sweet dream. Mother said: “you get up, you have a meeting today.” I have a watch, it’s five forty. I cried impatiently. “Didn’t I call you six? I want to sleep a little longer!” Mom didn’t speak to me that way. I hung up the phone.

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