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The university period,Don’t make excuses to the same bedroom was divided into a day of the “poor” Guazaizuibian girl A, and her “poor” also became her mistake wholesale authentic nfl dallas cowboys jerseys shirk responsibility or not willing to bear the responsibility of the shield. First introduced her family, was born in China’s remote rural areas (the need to explain here is only the small A background, no ambiguous meaning) because the parents want to give birth to a son, so has been able to bounce back, above her and 5 sisters, but also by Yu Chaosheng, she was to family sent home no one acre of land for many years, parents always rely on odd jobs to maintain the basic life.

In order to alleviate the family life pressure, five sisters in the completion of 9 years of compulsory education shortly after all chose to marry. A said he was to go to university is to win their own, parents have no money to pay for her college, she refused to eat two days had parents relented, and she money to go to university is home to carry money (usury) in return, so she should cherish this opportunity to learn not easily won. Study hard, get a good job in the future, the parents return. Hear here, with the dormitory students are deeply moved, decided to help each other, to each other like family. So, help each other to get hot water, help the authentic nfl dallas cowboys jerseys class base, delicacy share becomes warm picture for our roommates often staged.

May be more to share the food of the bar, small A also decided to invite everyone to wholesale Cheap nba jerseys eat some fruit, she had to buy a number of the number of the bedroom of the plum, and sent to everyone. It is not what event, word of mouth is she to you What one says is plausible. plum, but people feel a wonderful and ridiculous. For example: she gave the authentic nfl dallas cowboys jerseys bedroom a good family girl plum, said: “you are better at home, two months older than me, eating delicious than I am sure a lot more, so this small some bad for you to eat plums”. Then the learning life, and has several small A put his life unhappy as an excuse to shirk its responsibility or benefit. I remember once, she put a cup of hot water to cool drink in the bedroom window, but do not know how,Don’t make excuses glass falling off the windowsill (our dormitory on the 4 floor), scalded downstairs after a alumni.

Small A scared did not dare to claim their own glasses, hiding in the bedroom one day did not go out. Later,Don’t make excuses little A excuse to say, because his family is poor, not the ability to be responsible for the hot water scald students, so did not dare to admit their mistakes. Since the life of small and medium A because of poverty did not bear the responsibility of their own, so in the study of the total of the more efforts, right? Whether to defer the table, but the small A until graduation did not obtain certificate of English level Four, and every time she failed in the exam, often said that “because the poor at home, from learning English foundation is not good, so the four English didn’t pass the exam”……

Later, we graduated from college, everyone is busy to participate in various recruitment job, and A said “because the poor at home, not what contacts, so wait for the school to find work, but he owed the school tuition for two years, if the school is not to find a job, so the school also don’t want to Don’t make excuses get it two years of tuition arrears”. Many years later, I met with a small A in the authentic nfl dallas cowboys jerseys north of a city, and now she has her own family, life is still happy. Inadvertently, I asked her parents’ situation, a site over sixty years old was the city of brick carrying money! “Why didn’t you help your parents?” I couldn’t help asking. Soon, little A will be out “because I got married, ah, have their own family, how can I help their parents at will?” Hear her words, I was shocked, and then talk about what, don’t remember.

Before we left, we added a phone number to each other, but after I walked around the corner, I deleted her phone number. One can even their parents family, in order to support themselves behind not to borrow money for school kindness in my little desire to have emissions, so we love the poor students will be placed where? Friends, really poor is not your fault, but as an excuse to shirk responsibility, so confidently, you are wrong, I hope you will soon grow up, take up the responsibility, not for their own selfish excuses, or in the authentic nfl dallas cowboys jerseys family, friendship cracks when what the rest of you will?

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