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Song Renzong in People do not cheap nfl jerseys leisure time, love free shipping can not help stroll quietly around the palace inside. Once, when he went to the house then, suddenly heard the sound of a quarrel, he hid behind a pillar in a look, turned out to be his two bodyguards in the chat.

A bodyguard, the destiny of man is not as hard to be decreed by fate, change; B guards think, they are serving the emperor, nature is determined by the emperor’s fate. Two people who can not convince each other, so bickering endlessly.

Song Renzong sounds very interesting, he suddenly remembered, captain of the guard had promoted the position temporarily vacant, also did not find the right person. Then, Song Renzong crept back to his room, picked up a pen to write down the two note in the same sentence: “who is the first to get you there, let him become the captain of the guards.” Then, he will note were loaded onto the small gold seal box.

Then, Song Renzong sent for the bodyguard B, let him take a locket to a house where the supervisor in charge of the palace. After his B leave, Song Renzong nfl jerseys from china estimates he has almost halfway, also jerseys supply nfl center called a bodyguard, also gave him a small golden box, also sent to the director there.

Soon, in charge of the return of the message he said, according to the wishes of the emperor, has recommended a bodyguard to become captain. Song Renzong specially arranged bodyguard B first to make a bodyguard left behind, why is this result? Originally, after B and a bodyguard bodyguard left, Song Renzong also arranged two bodyguards, respectively, in the way they stopped to greet, B guards who can chat very happy to meet, what did he do about noon to eat what food from last night, talk awfully; Shi Wei Jia was one thinking to to complete their tasks, he is just a greeting will continue to move forward, directly to the locket to head there, just because the first few steps, he had a chance to change their own destiny.

Finally, Song Renzong said: “it is a bodyguard said yes, a person if they don’t work hard, even the emperor would not help him.” Yes, if people do not work hard, no matter how good the opportunity will be lost, this is the story of our inspiration.

Remember the two rich generation on his friend’s father said, “I can support you for a lifetime, no problem, but you must have a job to support themselves, you have to find their own value.” So I saw a friend in the wealthy family, is still doing the same as I struggle, he said, “when I was young I felt very rich, can do a lot of people do things alive especially arrogant, but to this thing, let me see so much more than I can than I work harder, the harder I see more and more people perceived gap gap, the more you want to work hard, not willing to do mediocre people.”

Some time ago the prince fell in love with online crazy pass when playing Hermione Emma Watson, the fans have felt that this is the highest honor, obscenity Elmar wear the crown into myriad dotes on the princess’s appearance, while Elmar is facing a great Wholesale nfl jerseys authentic clamour of fans “Harry married”, lightly in nfl jerseys news twitter responded, “marry the prince is not the only one can let you become the princess of the method.” I instantly fell in love with this stubborn girl, not all of the original actress are doing married in the dream.

If Elmar opened twenty-five years of life, you will see the removal of those glorious honors and awards, she won eight A+ certificate of secondary education in the UK in ten projects, two A, then choose to go to the Ivy League Brown University majoring in English literature, during the reading all subjects are A, head of the United Nations women’s goodwill ambassador, his support for gender equality “HeforShe” speech, video up to 11 million times the number of social networking sites to discuss the number reached 1 billion 200 million times…… This experience, let me think of another actress, Natalie Portman, in front of the camera, she is “The Professional” in the smart girl, is also a “black swan” split personality in a ballet dancer, but in the outside of the lens in life, Natalie in high school by virtue of “simple method for demonstrating the method of oxygen glucose” enter the Intel Science Talent Award final, speaks six languages, obtained Bachelor of psychology at Harvard, also served as a visiting professor at Columbia University.

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