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Although it is A small story nfl jerseys only a story, but the for sale from china successful success of the road interpretation so thoroughly! A young man caught a mouse, sold to the pharmacy, got a coin. He walked through the garden, listening to the gardener said thirsty, he had thought. He bought a little syrup with the coin, and water to drink the gardeners.

The gardener who drank the water, then a man sent him a bunch of flowers. He sold the flowers to the market, get eight coins.

One day, the orchard everywhere It’s raining and blowing hard., had been blown off the dead twigs and withered leaves. The young man said to the gardener, “if the branches of the fallen leaves are given to me, I am willing to clean the orchard.”

The gardener was happy. “Yes, you can take it.”!” The young man bought some candy with nfl jerseys online eight coins, with a group of children playing, the children help him to pick up the withered leaves all empty. The young man went to the royal kitchen workers said there is a pile of firewood to sell them, kitchen workers jerseys different nfl color paid 16 pence a bought this pile of firewood.

The young man with the 16 copper coins for a living, he set up a tea stall in a place not far from the city, because there are 500 water near the mower.

Before long, he met a man who had been drinking water, and the merchant told him, “a horse dealer will bring 400 horses into the city tomorrow.” Listen to the businessman, the young man thought for a moment, the mowing worker said: “today I do not make money, please give me a bundle of each of you, okay?”

The workers are generous and say, “ok!” In this way, the young man has 500 bundles of grass. The second day, the horse dealer to buy feed, then the 1000 copper coins bought 500 bales of straw for young people. A few years later, the young man became famous for the nouveau riche.

The story is very simple, very interesting. Young people’s success is not accidental, because he has the modern management quality. He has a lot of ideas: he knows that he must pay for it. He first bottled water to drink the gardener, gardener gain, gave him in return, this is a win-win wisdom. Two, he has a vision: he knows those broken branches and leaves can sell a good price, but how to get a lot of knowledge. Therefore, he proposed to work in exchange, which is also consistent with the social norms of hard work.

Three. He is very organized: he knows that it is difficult for him to finish the work alone. He organized a group of kids to work for him and paid for it with candy. From this point of view, he has the leadership and management skills, he used a lower cost to win a larger investment income. Four, he has a sense of information: he can talk to businessmen and to capture the opportunity nfl jerseys Free Shipping to make money, and then a large number of lower prices to buy a lot of grass sold a good price cheap nfl jerseys. This is very consistent with our economic and trade in the information age today.

Every one of us dreams of success, and wealth is around us. Some people complain that the fortunes of poor, some people complain about social injustice, some people feel incompetent parents…… In fact, we really lack is hard work and found the eye of wealth.

The young man then said: “you sold the house to someone else, you just get some money, and money for you is not essential, you are rich enough. Give me your house, you will harvest is a joyful life, a filial grandson, one family enjoyable warmth. In the future, I also want you to witness my wedding, to witness the birth of my baby, let him accompany you, make you laugh”.

You can choose to get some money can also choose not essential, get a great warmth home, a happy life.

The rich man listened quietly to him, and the young man was so sincere and determined that he was waiting for his choice. Money, he earned enough in this life, chasing money also let him tired, happy is what he wants.

3 days later, the rich man sold the house to the young man, and they lived happily together!

Inspire thinking:

What does the rich man really want? What do your customers really want? Understand the customer’s heart, you can approach the customer.

By communicating with customers, and customers become friends, you can easily maintain relationships with customers, clients are willing to consume you in here!

Of course, can also be seen in this story, the boy is very good at using their own unique value of company, do you find that you think you have nothing, ordinary you just know how to tap their own values, make good use of their own advantages to living in a dream house!

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