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The “Star” of the film 90% of cheap nfl jerseys through a writer is let more free shipping replica road to success people know the “body” – science fiction author Liu Cixin. A lot of people will be “Star Trek” and “three body” linked together, that screenwriter and director Nolan certainly reference to the story of the three body. The Chinese version of the three body of the American Science Fiction Fantasy Writers Association 2014 Nebula Award nomination, New York Times has also written comments.

In fact, Liu Cixin has been engaged in science fiction writing for a long time, he has won eight consecutive years, the highest award of Chinese science fiction “Galaxy Award” by fans nicknamed “big liu”. The best-selling Chinese science fiction writer has lifted the Chinese science fiction literature to the world level.

Most of the time, Liu Cixin was in his own flat, a remote power plant in the valley. In the name “Niangziguan” where he completed the “body” trilogy of creation, a total of 88 words.

Since the advent of the 1999 debut of “whale song”, completed in 2010 to jerseys nfl factory supply represent as “body” series, Liu Cixin said, feeling his nba jerseys news creation is just like a tour guide, take the reader to visit his imaginary world, he has turned ten years with the “tour”.

Ten years of hard work unusual.

In the spring of 2015, I was a singer in the third quarter to make Li Jian a literary man.

In early 2001, he set up a “Shuimunianhua” combined with Lu Gengxu, released two albums. In 2002 he chose solo, and released a number of albums.

But really let him in the limelight, the stage is ten years later.

Strong need a lot of opportunities. Li Jian said, such as the Spring Festival Gala days Faye Wong cover their “legend” opportunity, not everyone has. But when the opportunity comes, if you only have a legend is not good, you have to have a lot of work. All of your accumulation may be prepared for a real opportunity.

The story of these two almost well-known, as well as all the stories of the success of all of us are familiar with the fact that the persistence is success.

Persistence is success, this is a thing that everyone knows. But 90% of them fell on the road.

My classmate B from the countryside, after junior high school English teacher after the baptism of Chinglish, was admitted to the city key middle school high school. When he first entered the school, he was still enthusiastic about English learning, and actively joined the English reading group to participate in the English debate.

In an English corner activities, we discuss the topic of high school students are free to love, B confidently replied: “Youknow, Ihaven” t, youknow, falleninlovebefore, but……” He stammered, after a sentence out of several “youknow”, the side of the beautiful schoolmate jerseys nfl online interrupted him, not polite to say “Idon tknow””. See people around her smile, he embarrassing.

After that, he buried himself in the back of the word, the sentence patterns, in the English written examination results are excellent, but the oral English has completely lost interest and confidence.

After graduating from college, he entered a foreign company. Although the technical staff, but also need to communicate with people in english nfl jerseys for sale. So he made a plan to learn spoken english. However, only in less than two weeks, the oral rescue plan failed.

Plan to do it again and again, but always give up for various reasons. He also knows that as long as you can practice every day, no longer afraid to speak confidently in front of others, speak English loudly, you may become the person you want to speak. To this end, he tried a variety of methods in study group, network card, punish yourself…… After so many toss, he did not see the dawn of success.

Not only my classmate, but also a lot of people are so “dead” on the road to adhere to.

People who want to lose weight, to find a variety of weight-loss cheats, setting himself the most perfect plan, but the plan is less than half, most people give up; those who wish to quit smoking, and told his family, this time to quit and destroyed all the smoke, let the people around to supervise themselves, but not long after he began smoking; to learn a new technology, to buy all kinds of learning materials, ask yourself every day to see how many pages of the book, how many do the training exercises, but always a book did not turn a few pages on the shelf, covered with dust……

Many people think that they can not insist on, because there is not enough willpower. So in order to make their own will adhere to the use of countless methods.

Give colleagues 200 yuan of money, told colleagues if they eat meat in this two weeks, this 200 yuan of money confiscated; if you eat ice cream, you punish yourself to run 5000 meters; in the room covered with “you’ll lose weight”, “your goal is not to” 45kg “eat junk food,” “give me a campaign to” note……

But failure is still a failure.

Until the end, can use the methods have tried, and still can only look at their own side to give up, while complaining about their weak will.

Losing weight, I’m not strong enough!

Quitting smoking, I’m not strong enough!

I am not willing to learn!

Blame a lifetime of willpower, really suffered injustice. In the “drive switch”.

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