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Oman Valley please forgive supply, Sabah, October 2, replica nfl jerseys a snail boy” 2012. The 27 year old British man, Gary Hunt stood 27 meters high cliff jump, at a speed of 85 kilometers per hour, jumped into the clear water, take-off, air movements and water into three aspects, his performance is very good, finally beat the top 11 master from around the world, won the scene the applause of the audience.

The end of the game, Hunter to championship status, standing in the world cliff diving competition on the podium, when the host asked him what he thought, Hunter’s microphone, every single word or phrase said: “at this time, I just want to say to my father, please forgive me” is a snail. “!”

It turned out that when Hunter was three years old, and a few children to play with the neighbors. A child is going to take Hunter’s hand was a toy gun, while people unprepared, a sharp stone throwing over and hit Hunter’s head. See the bright red blood dripping down, Hunter was frightened, he burst into tears. Since then, he has to stay in his room every day, no longer go out, almost no talk, his parents took him to run a lot of hospitals, and finally was diagnosed with autism, it is difficult to cure.

Blink of an eye, Hunter to the age of admission. In the father’s repeated encouragement, Hunter finally took up the bag. Unexpectedly, in the school cheap nfl jerseys for a few days, he cried and refused to go. Originally, the class found that Hunter always love stay on the seat, do not participate in any activities, walking pace is particularly slow, just give him a nickname, called “snail”.

Dad comforted Hunter said: “do not be afraid of snails authentic nfl jerseys have what not good?” Then, take a Book of animal anecdotes book, pointing at the picture said: “you see, this world can reach the top of the Pyramid, only the eagle and the snail. The eagle’s wings are very strong, so can fly, very easy to get to the top of the Pyramid, and the little snail, carrying a small house, don’t seem to have any height advantage, but it with perseverance, every day up little, always, the end can reach the peak of the dream!”

So, as long as there is a dream, dare to challenge themselves, when a snail, and nothing terrible!” My father’s brief and powerful words, like a sunbeam, opened the heart of Hunter. Soon, Hunter was watching TV, occasionally seen in the show cliff diving, when the performer after turning the air several times into the water, stir the water beautiful when he came, shouting: “I also want to learn!”

Cliff diving, psychological and physical qualities of the players are a special test, not only the courage to try. Besides, Hunter is a timid autistic, want to learn this skill is easier said than done? Dad did not agree, but was moved by Hunter’s insistence, had no choice but to nod.

Since then, in addition to the normal school, Hunter’s schedule was arranged in particular, to run exercise, to practice speaking, to climb. At the age of 13, Hunter became a member of a cliff diving club and began a much stronger training. At the age of 15, Hunter won the championship in a national junior team cliff diving competition, began to receive media attention.

2012, Hunter enrolled in the “world cliff diving competition in 2012,” a five pass by the end of the cut will be six, and finally stood on the podium again, this is the beginning of this touching scene. When you come out of the shadow of autism Hunter sincere confession, Dad came out from the audience: dear, you are only a dream of the snail, is everyone’s eyes’ good boy ‘, we are proud of you!” Father and son passionately embrace together, the ceremony of warm applause, prolonged.

Not long ago, friends all over the world Li Jianye would remember me, call me, and now he is the general manager of a restaurant, the boss of Shanghai is dedicated to him “tailor-made” stores, he has the confidence to the store, and he excitedly told me that the parents are he received the Shanghai living in Shanghai, he has been based, have their own cars and real estate…… He nfl jerseys news is really very simple, out of the mountains, in less than 10 years to change the arrangement of God, for their future re shuffle, finally got the life ace, now less than 30 years old, already break a piece of heaven and earth. He knows cheap football jerseys “connections” power, at every step, every step is very practical, beautiful, he said, his good luck, so with the right people. In fact, he is modest, he honestly do good people, so good people will naturally flash in the crowd, and the flash will be appreciated, he gave himself to open up a broad road of happiness. Yes, the lucky way, are their own, God is only responsible for your card, as to how the licensing, it is every one of us.

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