Failure is nfl jerseys cheap price away from success

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Guo Wei, a young Failure is nfl jerseys man full of cheap price away from success sunshine and vitality, the United States after the Silicon Valley angel investors in china. In San Francisco and San Jose, 100 km of Highway 101, he as a name for the angel and support the next billion company”. For two years, he contacted the more than 1 thousand and 600 projects, invested 26 projects. This dazzling new star, soon attracted the attention of the industry.

Guo Wei’s contact with the business was first started in high school. At that time, he was 15 years old, in Singapore high school. Because the academic tight, he couldn’t play the game, he found in the World of Warcraft business, so he would hire someone to play games to earn gold, then WeChat was trading line, simply can not work in Singapore, make a pot of gold in his life. Since then, Guo Wei realized that he likes to do and can do, so at that time, he took the economy, business two courses.

2008, Guo Wei went to the United States, University of San Francisco, entrepreneurs to read professional entrepreneurship, began to systematically study venture capital, and try to fry. After graduating from college, Guo Wei out of love for venture capital, and the entrepreneurial culture of Silicon Valley and entrepreneurs worship, determined to invest. With the money he earned nfl jerseys online from college and the support of his friends and family, he began to work in Silicon Valley, but soon failed.

The first venture failed to full of dreams and confident Guo Wei is a head-on blow. At that time, he was in a very low mood, and even encouraged his relatives and friends as his sympathy. Once, he and his father went to see a marathon, a marathon runner, between in the course of the game was very close nba jerseys for sale, but a sudden acceleration followed by athletes, in the last 100 meters, eventually won the marathon champion. The father who sat next to him, he said: “see, success in the last 100 meters, the 100 meters, due to factors that keep you strength did not deal with, if you fail, you will fail as the driving force, crossed the 100 meters of the setback, the ultimate success still belongs to you.”

Father’s words let Guo Wei do not feel a vibration, the mind suddenly wake up, yeah! Why not in the face of their own right after the failure of the 100 meters? With this in mind, he began to face up to his friends’ encouragement. Next, under the guidance of the friend, Guo Wei went to see the best Silicon Valley incubator roadshow, he was asked to see the Silicon Valley investors are Daniel, more important is the whole day roadshow to Silicon Valley feelings reflected most incisive. He began to accept failure, began to realize that it is because of failure, Silicon Valley has a wonderful idea. In the continuous improvement of ideas at the same time, to achieve a variety of success. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are not afraid of the failure of the momentum, a dare to subvert the confidence, therefore, Guo Wei’s heart slowly firm, he said to himself: “I want to be the best angel, angel investors!”

Where there is a goal, there replica nfl jerseys is hope. Guo Wei began raising, in Silicon Valley, New York and the domestic partner’s help, he began to see a variety of projects and San Francisco Bay area. In mid 2013, he saw thousands of project decision threw the first, although a long time has not been returned, but he realized that some of the return of the project is long, can not act with undue haste. Next, he will cast all of his possessions to a team game, after the investment, he did not even have the money to eat, but the project soon gave him five times as much in return.

Guo Wei is, for the project will not hesitate to invest, but the investment success let Guo Wei more determined, more diligent. Every day at 5:30 in the morning, he drove from Silicon Valley to the southernmost of San Jose, a road through the Bay Area 101 highway congestion San Francisco shuttle in various incubators cafe and entrepreneurial companies. He will catch the big and small, see each person will make an appointment with. He is also in Silicon Valley, New York, Beijing, Shenzhen nfl jerseys free shipping, as well as every country and every city to persuade him to meet the rich one or two, three generations, so that they put the money to buy a car to invest angel. Two years, Guo Wei contacted the more than 1 thousand and 600 projects, the success of the 26 investment projects, from genetically engineered to bitcoin platform, after the initial investment from investment projects to the mediocre performance of the company has maintained a good momentum, there are a number of companies he has successfully got the next investment.

Guo Wei’s success soon attracted the attention of the industry, but also attracted the attention of the news media. When a reporter interviewed the young and confident angel investors, Guo Wei told reporters: “the failure of success is only 100 meters distance, it is my right in the face of the 100 meter gap after the failure, I ushered in their own success.”

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