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Many years ago Believe in shop for cheap, there is a wholesale nfl jerseys miracles 19 year old young man is in college, after dinner, he used to pick up the teacher arranged for him to work, he is a gifted student, almost no what mathematical problems can stumped him. As usual, he soon finished the previous exercises, but in the last question, he stuck, feeling can’t do anything.

This problem is the type he had never encountered, asked to make a positive seventeen sided pattern with a compass and a ruler without scale, he thought, but could not find the essay method. Always the clever he doesn’t believe he can’t do it, he felt nothing in the world can not solve mathematical problems, just did not find a temporary method. Later, he simply painted while thinking, and take some unconventional thinking. When the dawn, he finally gave a long sigh of relief, because he has found a way to solve problems.

On the second day, when he handed over his homework to the teacher, the teacher was shocked and asked him, “did you do it yourself?” He nodded and said, “yes, it took me almost one night.” The tutor could not conceal his excitement, he is very happy to say: “it’s incredible, you should solve the problem in suspense for two thousand years, with a night time to know that Archimedes didn’t do it, Newton did not do it, including myself, has not done it, you are really a rare genius.”

He is a famous German mathematician, physicist, astronomer, geodesy largest discount jerseys John Karl Friedrich – Gauss. Many years later, when Gauss recalled the past, said if I still filled with a thousand regrets, nba jerseys news the instructor told him, this is a suspense two thousand years of math, I’m afraid I can not do it for ten years.

And Gauss have the same experience as well as the famous sprinter Bannister. For a long time, the sport has always believed that human beings can not break 4 minutes to complete a mile (about 1609 meters) limit. The best record in history was 4 minutes and a second. It was created by Gendl Haag, a Swedish player, and no one has ever been able to approach the figure by 4. In this regard, many track coaches and psychologists conducted numerous scientific studies, they think to want to break this “dream 1 miles”, unless you reach an ideal state, namely: no wind temperature around 68 degrees Fahrenheit, ground, hard dry, but also a lot of enthusiasm around the audience morale. But at the University of Oxford School of medicine, Bannister chose not to believe this evil, he vowed to become the first to break through the limit of one 4 minutes. He then made use of the knowledge learned in the medical school to develop a unique training program, and deliberately away from those who control the movement of the coaches and brokers.

In May 6, 1954, this is a time to witness the miracle, but God does not seem to favor Bannister, the weather is not good, not only a shower, blowing wind of 15 miles per hour, the audience also scanty. However, in such a poor state, but in 3 minutes and 59 seconds Bannister finished 4 to 1 miles, realized that people are eager to break the record. More people are unbelievable, in Bannister broke the record after two years, there are nearly 400 people to break this myth.

Originally, believe in miracles, will create miracles, and sometimes, confidence is more important than gold.

Today, I heard from her colleagues in the office of the news about her, I was shocked, but she and I was also the same year to participate in the college entrance examination, and her score, only two points higher than me! In her Province, her only two points higher than nfl jerseys cheap price my score, but let her easily into the province’s finance and Economics College, read 4 years of undergraduate.

Gorge, like me, is also a school where the unfortunate. She felt that the small world could not let her breathe, would kill her passion and youth, so she decided to go! 10 years ago, to give up a fairly good unit, put yourself back in the wind and rain nike nba jerseys top quality, really need enough courage.

She gave up the stable work in their own courage, perseverance and to refuse to be cowed or submit firm and indomitable perseverance won a fortune. She was admitted to the University of MBA, has now become a successful career woman.

The difference between the 3 people, after more than ten years of fermentation fermentation, but the expansion of the lives of the 3 very different.

15 years, my not aggressive, not to fight, the destiny also despised me, I almost became the slave of destiny, listen to it on my trivialization of life arrangement. I was the loser of the 3. Fortunately, I finally see the fate of the face, I finally awake, although this may be a bit late to wake up.

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