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During the Warring Find your nike nba cheap jerseys States period, wholesale best location there is a luguoren is very good at making shoes, but his wife is good at weaving white silk. However, because Lu is a small country, and do this for many people, their business is not how good, only subsistence.

This day, let the people of Lu very dissatisfied. He thought: to make their own shoes skills, if you go to other countries, there must be a big. One day, he said to his wife: “let’s stay in the country is not a way, go down for a long time, estimated to be hungry, it is now taking advantage of some money, go to the country side development.” His wife, after listening to feel very reasonable. So, the couple packed up and ready to go. At this time, a friend came to visit, see them fully equipped for, curiously ask: “where is this going to your husband?”

“In Lu hunbuxiaqu, we are going to see more.” He answered helplessly.

“Yue? What can you do there? Will only be more poor.” Friends comfort road.

“Why? Don’t take our nba jerseys news skills in the country have no food to eat?” He said angrily.

He didn’t answer him directly, but asked what they were good at.

“Sure, of course is the white silk weaving and knitting sandals!” He supply replica nba jerseys said softly.

Straw is used to walking, and more people don’t need to walk barefoot habits, shoes; white silk is used to make hats, and more people used unkempt. Hat is of no use to them. Now, by virtue of your strengths, where you do not need to go, do you think it will do?”

Later, the Lu people listen to the advice of friends, went to qi. There, the couple give full play to their strengths, sandals and hats are very popular. Subsequently, they will continue to do their business bigger and stronger. After a few years, the Lu couple lived a prosperous life.

In life, how many people can find their own strengths as the people of Lu, and find their best position? Everyone has their own strengths, but not everyone can play to their strengths, the success of the cause. In fact, many people are not suitable for their own environment buried. A person is not long enough, but also to find a suitable environment for their growth, a platform to display their talent. () as we all know, Anthocephalus chinensis is the fastest growing trees in the world, known as the “miracle tree” “gem tree”, is the most ideal development of artificial afforestation tree species. However, if the flower tree in the desert, it will soon dry up, its value is less than ordinary poplar.

For orange orange health Huainan, Huaibei was born in orange. Similarly, a person in a different environment, the achievements of the size also has a world of difference. Therefore, when you find the soil is not suitable for their own growth, the only thing you jerseys nfl from china need to do is to retire, again, because a lot of the time, not because of you, but because you don’t have to choose their best position.

He started off by watching tv. In order to exclude his loneliness, his mother set up a TV set in his bedroom. And, in order to be able to let him choose his favorite TV show, the mother of the TV remote control fixed in the head of the bed, and then tied a horn on his head. In this way, when the mother is away, he can move the head to click on the TV remote control to complete the replacement of the TV channel.

He can finally take care of themselves. Although, this kind of self-care is only adjust the TV channel, but he is still very happy. Because the nike nba jerseys top quality television opened a channel for him, he can understand the outside world through television. Not only that, he soon learned a lot of English words from the TV subtitles, and knew the meaning of them. Once, there was an advertisement for a disabled typewriter in the TV. He suddenly fell in love with it and saw the dawn of life. Yes, as long as he can learn to type, he can express his ideas through words, and even do more meaningful things.

When his mother came back from work, he tuned the TV to the advertisement. At first, the mother didn’t know what he meant. However, he let the mother again and again read the advertisement, so don’t let the mother change the channel. The mother finally understood the meaning of her son: his son wanted a disabled typewriter. Mother bought the typewriter at once, and set it up at the end of the bed. He hit the first sentence in his life with a beast’s head tied to his head!” The mother saw this and asked curiously, “how do you know the word?” He played a line of words: “I was learning with the tv! I want to write. I want to be a poet!” Mother suddenly hugged his son’s head and burst into tears. The mother of the hot tears fell down his cheeks, wet.

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