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In mid July 2014 Take off nfl jerseys, the sixth summit of free shipping Dictionary the BRIC countries held in Brazil, Fortaleza. Wang Yili, a Chinese girl in the fourth grade at the State University of Rio, was invited to be the interpreter. As the youngest simultaneous interpreter, she and partner division of cooperation, tacit cooperation, excellent performance, to win the conference organizers praise.

As we all know, in the translation industry, the simultaneous interpreter is standing on the cusp of Pyramid, a day equivalent to a white-collar income in January. Simultaneous interpretation of talent is one of the world’s most scarce talent, but also one of the most difficult to cultivate talent. The data show that the global professional interpreters only more than 2 thousand people, about 30 people in China, as a professional international popular university in various fields of economic and trade, science and technology, and the simultaneous interpreters, is a nfl jerseys news blank. The reason for the lack of simultaneous interpretation, because the threshold is too high. In our interpreter entry as an example, are eligible to join the “first condition of interpretation learning, through the advanced translation qualification examination, and then tests the” Si “, the only after the entry. In fact, the primary translation qualification examination, the equivalent of eight professional grade, the rate less than 10%, the senior translation is very rare. On this basis, the selection of simultaneous interpreters, the difficulty can be imagined.

Even so difficult, only 24 years old, Wang Yili can simultaneous translation work very well, really amazing. In fact, if the time back 8 years, when Wang Yili was just a little girl on the Portuguese utterly ignorant of Chinese, it can be said that she is from a Portuguese dictionary after take-off, after years of training, to achieve success today.

At the age of 16, Wang Yili leave father and left Shijiazhuang, carrying luggage, alone aboard the plane, went to Brazil in the mother Rio, into a Catholic school local high school. From then on, in cheap authentic nfl jerseys a totally strange world, she began to run her own life. Learning Portuguese is the biggest difficulties she must face, although at home her English is very good, but the Portuguese in dozens of verb, yin and Yang, pattern is much more difficult than english. First, as Chinese only school, she is unable to communicate with others, is simply a little dumb”.

In this regard, Wang Yili had wronged, also had low self-esteem, once locked himself in the room to go nowhere. My mother is the enterprise manager, is a woman. See the daughter depressed, she was not a questioning tone said to her daughter: “you in the wholesale nfl jerseys school not only represents your own every word and action, on behalf of China!” This sentence let Wang Yili feel a kind of responsibility. She perked up, “never do.” the idea become a kind of spiritual support.

In order to overcome the language barrier, Wang Yili spent all my spare time a Portuguese dictionary every day, adhere to the “mad bite” dictionary of more than 5 hours. It was an absolutely boring life, but she didn’t slack off. Fortunately, some rules of language learning is the same, due to the solid English foundation, a major role in learning from the portuguese. In the “eating” the dictionary at the same time, Wang Yili learn some tips in English learning by analogy, soon, the Portuguese level has been significantly improved, even though she was not fluent to say, but it is possible to write smoothly, in the entrance exam soon, she even got a high marks. It gave her great confidence, learning Portuguese is also getting better, after three years of high school, her Portuguese expression has not any problem.

Wang Yili really top quality for cheap nfl jerseys took the Portuguese translation of the road, is in college. Third, a China sports delegation to Rio, host friendly games, need a can understand Chinese, provide translation services and understand Portuguese people. At that time, Wang Yili is Rio State University Curve Wrecker figures, quite well known, so the tournament organizers soon hired to contact her, she worked as a translator. At that time, Wang Yili successfully completed the task, coupled with her outstanding appearance and temperament to the event organizers liberal and dignified, left a deep impression.

The success of the first show King irinotecan opened into the palace after translation, a translation invitation followed, her fame grew, the Brazil Ministry of education, Ministry of agriculture, tax bureau, the state government, municipal government, and China Brazil enterprises, the strategic partnership will hire she did translation. Brazil in the circle of translation, Wang Yili is already rising stars. And all this has laid a solid foundation for the sixth summit of the BRIC countries.

Take off from a Portuguese dictionary, Wang Yili completed a huge leap from the Portuguese “dumb” to the top of the International Conference interpreter. Why is this so? In an interview with media reporters, Wang Yili said, she said: “I often take Wang Meng’s poem to encourage yourself: I am happy to move forward in life, how heavy the burden I not feeble, I won’t lose face more serious battle.”

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