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Have seen a To live or jerseys nfl documentary: a Chinese from china final say student in Germany because of gambling, leading to bankruptcy, unemployment, divorce, owed 500 thousand euros of debt, people have been on the edge of collapse. This time, his 50 year old brother, decided to go to Germany to work, while his brother’s debts, while urging brother gambling. It seems like an impossible task. Big brother’s wife is not good, her daughter is in high school. For this decision, angry and his wife divorced. He went to Germany alone.

In Germany, the first thing he did was to find an underground casino. He said, I am a man who has nothing to come here is to save his brother, if you put him in the bet, I will not pay the debt, second on the alarm. If you want to cut me, please. Three underground casinos, no longer put his brother in the door.

He did second things, is to take his nfl jerseys free shipping brother in a Chinese cake shop to learn technology, his brother’s money does not allow more than one euro. After a year, he managed to borrow some money and set up a pastry shop. Because of good taste, good reputation, and brother saved the moving story of the store Business Flourishes.

The third thing he did, is in the local set up will help. Slowly, many nfl jerseys at best discount of the early German Chinese, what are the problems to find him to help. He became a local legend who was in debt.

The fourth thing he did was to write a letter to his daughter and his wife in the hope that they would understand and forgive him. He said that if he didn’t do it, he would die in a foreign country.

10 years have passed. When the reporter interviewed him, he just had 60 years old birthday. My brother owes 50 thousand euros. My brother never bet, he began to use the Internet to try foreign trade business. His wife and daughter also forgave him, and his wife decided to remarry.

If you live, he really was forced to the dead. But he is not far away from life, but also created a miracle, filled with the glory of human nature.

We are often forced to do what we have to do. But some people, always can survive in the products of good taste, this is life. Survival is cheap price for nfl jerseys the foundation of our lives, the things we have to do. But life in the end is what kind of taste, is our own choice.

When I was a child, I heard my mother say that people who know how to live, even if they live in the worst house, wear the worst clothes, will clean up the house, clothes folded on the pillow, the pressure of the whole. Life is limited, life is infinite.

Mother connected broadband to his computer. Through broadband, he can chat with people, you can read the literature on the Internet, learning to write. Though, he paid a heavy price for every word, and even hurt his head. However, he is still holding on. He wrote in his own works: “if my body can become a seagull, I will be filled with the passion of volcanic eruption, flying freely nfl jerseys online in the boundless sky……” Finally, he made his debut. He looked at the editorial department of the mail and book royalties, tears welling up. Because he opened his eyes with his strong youth, to see the value of life and the meaning of life. He was only 13 years old this year.

Since then, his works a get out of hand. He became obsessed with writing and even completely forgot his own situation and forgot his disability. His thoughts and talents through the head of the beast hit the head of the head of the typewriter, converted into beautiful verses and magnificent chapter, fly to the editorial department, fly to the hearts of the reader, the spread of the world of good and strong.

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