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There was a Classic top quality little boy who got the first for cheap nfl jerseys the dream prize in the exam. The teacher gave him a map of the world. He was so happy that he ran home and began to look at the map of the world. Unfortunately, he was burning the bath water for the family, he is the water side, while watching the map in the kitchen side, see a map of Egypt, Egypt thought good, Egypt Pyramid, a queen of Egypt, Nile, a Pharaoh, there are many mysterious things, thought grow up if there is a chance to keep to go to egypt.

He is watching attentively, suddenly there is a large group of people rushed out of the bathroom, fat a towel, with a great sound of morning and said to him: “what are you doing?” He looked up. It was Dad. He said, “I’m looking at the map!” His father was very angry and said, “the fire has gone out!” He said, “I’m looking at the map of egypt.” Stubborn father ran “pops!” Give him two slap in the face and say, “go and make a fire! What map of Egypt?” When he finished, he kicked him in the back and kicked him to the side of the stove. He said to him nfl jerseys free shipping with a very serious expression, “I promise you.”! You can’t be so far away in this lifetime! Make a fire.”

He looked at his father, and stayed, thinking: “my father gave me such a strange guarantee, really? Is it really impossible to go to Egypt in this lifetime?” 20 years later, when he first went abroad to Egypt, his friends asked him, “what do you do in Egypt? At that time, it was nfl jerseys difficult to go abroad. He said: “because my life is not guaranteed. “I went on a trip to egypt.

He bought a postcard and wrote to his father on the steps in front of Pyramid. He said with deep feeling: “dear father, I am now in front of the Egyptian Pyramid to write to you, I remember when you hit me two ears, kick me, I can not guarantee to be so far away, now I’m sitting here to write to you. “His father received a postcard to his mother and said:” Oh, this is what a dozen, how effective? Slap in the face of egypt. ”

Inspirational words:

Dreams are very important in life. Only dreams can give us hope, only dreams can keep us full of imagination and creativity. If a person does not have a dream, this person’s life began to be sad.” To keep the dream is to keep the body in front of the moment before death. (workplace)

In 2012, he passed the English Test Band Four, go to the job market in Futian District, Shenzhen. Not surprisingly, he was hired by an insurance company as a salesman with a fluent english.

As a salesman, in the course of doing business, he honest image, not only did he score, but to allow customers to have a sense of security largest discount nfl jerseys, willing to communicate with him. He never taboo to talk about their own past, often slightly self deprecating said: “I’m not a smart man, but I know you most happy dreams.” Soon, he became a motivational gelasmus name card company, to win more customers for the company.

Because of outstanding nfl jerseys online performance, he has become the focus of the training of the company. In 2013, he was appointed as a trainer, a monthly salary of twenty thousand. In the spring of 2014, he used his savings to mortgage a house of more than and 140 square meters, the wife finally moved by him, again.

He is known as the “Shenzhen Agam” inspirational example – wang.

Maybe you’re not smart enough, but if you can abandon the heart of calculating gains and losses, forget lost entanglement and win, simple and dedication to your dream to work hard, can also be successfully arrived at the other side.

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